13 Essential Mobile Apps For Your Business

Last Updated on March 28, 2015

The abundance of smartphones, and the associated apps, has made it a lot easier to conduct business. However, with a huge number of apps to select from, it is often difficult for business people to know which apps will be actually useful and which will only clutter their devices.

To save you from the trouble of searching through hundreds of apps, here is out list of top 13 mobile apps that will be helpful for your business.

1. Contactually

Contractually app for business

Contactually is an extremely simple, personal assistant for your email. It automatically prioritizes your contacts, reconnect with the key individuals, and sync all data with your CRM.

2. Asana

asana mobile app for businesscAsana is a web and mobile application, which improves the communicating and collaborating approach of teams. It is the most excellent way to manage and track your projects, and is free for teams of 15 members or less.

3. Basecamp

basecamp apps for your business

With Basecamp, you can keep everything organized regardless of the number of projects you have or the number of people working on these projects. It also gives you the complete control over who sees what.

4. MobileDay

mobileday mobile apps for your businessIf you ever attended conference calls on your Android Smartphone, MobileDay is definitely for you! It integrates with your device’s Calendar, Email, Text messaging, and Contacts and gives you flawless, One-Touch access to voice conference calls.

5. SignNow

signnow business app for youSignNow simplifies signing of electronic documents and makes the process as trouble-free as possible. It lets you upload documents from your Smartphone’s e-mail or Dropbox account and you only have to tap to include your signature.

6. Square

square app for your businessSquare offers free card reader and free point of sale facility for your business. You only have to pay 2.75% for each swipe with no hidden fees involved.

7. WorkFlowy

workflowy business appsWorkFlowy is the globally recognized tool for taking notes and making lists. It is a simple and very efficient app to keep you organized.

8. Skype

skype business appSkype is a free voice-over-IP tool and instant messaging client, designed by the Microsoft. It allows users to talk with peers, have video chat and instant messaging over the Internet.

9. Yammer

yammer mobile app for businessYammer is the finest enterprise social network that simplifies your job and makes it more productive. It gives you an intelligent and resourceful approach to connect with the information and people that you need to get your tasks done!

10. TripIt

tripit mobile app for businessIt helps you in organizing your travelling plans. All you have to do is simply emailing your travel confirmation to [email protected] and TripIt creates the itinerary for you!

11. Genius Scan

genius scan app for businessIt allows you to scan documents on the go and then email those scans as JPEG or PDF. Moreover, it also integrates with Evernot, Dropbox, Box or any other cloud service app on your Android phone so you can access the scans anytime you want.

12. Shoeboxed

shoeboxed mobile app for busienssesShoeboxed saves your time as well as money by turning heaps of receipts and business cards into organized records.

13. HipChat

hipchat mobile app for businessesHipChat makes it convenient for you to have constant group chats and IM with your colleagues, and allows you to collaborate with them in real-time.

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