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2015-16 CCNU Distinguished Student Scholarship in China

Last Updated on March 27, 2015


Huazhong (Central China) Normal University (CCNU) is offering Distinguished Student Scholarships to international students.

Introduction to Scholarship Providing Body:

Huazhong (Central China) Normal University (CCNU) was established in 1903. It is one of the top HIGH esteemed universities on the National 211 Priority Project list. Huazhong ?Central China? Normal University has started offering scholarship programs to international students who are among the top groups of overseas students registered by Universities of China. National Government of China has allowed acknowledging the international students with this Government Scholarship award.

Objectives of Scholarships:

The purpose of these scholarship opportunities is to encourage international education and bring brilliant students to pursue their degrees at CCNU from across the world.


4 years for undergraduate studies
3 years for masters studies
3 years for doctoral studies

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:

Undergraduate degree programs
Post graduate degree programs
Doctoral degree programs

Number of Scholarships:

5 Doctoral Scholarships,
20 Post-graduate Scholarships,
75 Undergraduate scholarships

Application Deadline Date:


Fields of Study:

  • Political Science,
  • Sociology,
  • Marxist Philosophy,
  • Education,
  • Psychology,
  • Physical Science,
  • Chinese Language and Literature,
  • Foreign Languages and Literature,
  • History,
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • Geography,
  • Chemistry,
  • Material Science and Engineering,
  • Biology, Plant Protection,
  • Public Management,
  • Library Science,
  • Intelligence and Archive Science,
  • Theoretical Economics,
  • Applied Economics,
  • Laws,
  • Politics,
  • Sociology,
  • Arts,
  • Information and Communication Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Technology,
  • Chemistry Engineering and technology,
  • Environment Science and Engineering,
  • Commerce and Industry Management,
  • Public Management,
  • Journalism and Communication

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Host Country:


Host Institutions:

Huazhong (Central China) Normal University (CCNU)


  • Applicants must not be the Chinese nationals, must be friendly to China and have foreign passport.The candidates must have brilliant academic record, have great character, must be hard-working and physically fit.


  • The candidates must have achieved outstanding academic record and every day performance.


  • The candidates must obey the rules and laws of the China’s higher education institutions and the Central China Normal University.


  • For bachelor’s degrees, the age should be less than 30 years


  • For master’s degrees, the age must be less than 35 years


  • For doctoral degrees, the age must be less than 40 years.

Academic Qualification:

  • Senior high school diploma for undergraduate studies
  •  Bachelor’s degrees for master’s studies
  •  Master’s degrees or above for doctoral studies


  • The scholarship offers full tuition fees for 5 students,
  • For 20 students offer half tuition fee
  • For all the remaining students, it offers 2000 to 8000 RMB.
  • For Doctoral degree programs the amount of financial aid will be: 2000 RMB monthly living grants and it provides: registration fee,
  • Tuition fee,
  • Internship,
  • Expenses of basic books,
  • Accommodation costs
  • For master degree programs the amount will be: 1700 RMB monthly of living grants

How to Apply For Scholarship:

  •  The candidates must submit their photo copies of Central ChinaNormal University’s International student’s application forms.
  •  Attested photocopies of candidate’s highest diploma and graduation degrees in English. (All documents must be provided with two photocopies)
  • The bachelor’s degree students should submit the attested photocopies of their Undergraduate Diplomas
  • The students of Master’s Degrees should submit the attested photocopies of Undergraduate degrees.
  • The students of Doctoral Degrees should submit attested photocopies of Master Degrees. (Senior graduates will have to provide their certificate that could show their expected graduation date).
  • Attested copies of candidate’s transcripts.
  • The master’s degree candidates should provide their undergraduate transcript;
  • The doctoral degree candidates should provide their postgraduate transcript;
  • The photocopies of a study or research plan must be in English or Chinese.
  • The photocopies of recommendation letters permitted by professors in English or Chinese.
  • Photocopies of a Physical Examination Form by a Foreigner along with blood test reports.
  • Level 3 HSK Certificate’s copies that a candidate must have got in the previous 2 years, it will be obligatory if the course is to be in Chinese language.

Terms & Conditions

  • These entire scholarships award will be offered to incoming students.
  •  I & II reviews of the scholarships will be initiated by College of International Cultural Exchange, Central China Normal University annually.

Official Links:

The official scholarship website is:

  • Tel number: +86-27-67865209/67865602
  • Fax number: +86-27-67863760/67866427


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