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2015-16 Masters Scholarships In Netherlands For Pakistani Students

Last Updated on April 23, 2015

Netherlands government Scholarship program:

Netherlands government has started a scholarship program for international students of highest caliber who want to go to Netherlands to achieve higher level education free of cost. In a sense the education is free only if you get a scholarship, and this scholarship is somewhat pretty much easy to get than other scholarships.

According to my research in the past few days about the scholarships in Netherlands, I have come to conclusion that Netherlands is now the best country for international students to apply as if provide a unique study technique, has very less number of foreign population that makes it a good place for new visitor.

The Netherlands Fellowship program aims to advance the KSAs by providing training to mid-career level employees approximately in 61 developing countries. It awards scholarships to aspirants who want to pursue their postgraduate studies (Master, PhD) as well as short training courses at Dutch Universities.

Offered Study Field:

Netherlands Fellowship award offers a wider range of fields in postgraduate studies (Master, PhD) and short training courses. Please view NFP course list for Master’s degree program, NFP list for Short courses, and list of Dutch institutions eligible for PhD studies.

Netherlands government has opened its gates for all international students including aspirants from developing countries who are pretty much interested and fulfill the criteria ser for NFA awards. All applicants should view the NFP Country list. Moreover, half of the scholarship will award to female aspirants as well as remaining half award to aspirants from sub-Saharan Africa.

Scholarship Benefits:

NFP Scholarships is offering following wonderful benefit to students of developing countries including:,/p>

  • It is awarding salary as a supplement to the fellowship holder during the study period. Moreover, it s offering contribution cost as a living allowance, travel cost, insurance, thesis research, and visa fee.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • An aspirant must be a professional with 2-3 years experience related with field of study.
  • An aspirant must be a national of developing country listed in NFP country list.
  • Aspirants must have an unconditional offer of commencing Master Degree, PhD Degree, or Short Courses from Dutch institution.
  • Candidates, who are applying for PhD Degree, must accept the research proposal from Dutch Institutions. Moreover, all aspirants must fulfill all requirements of Degree programs.
  • All applicants must be involved in extracurricular activities during the undergraduate studies.
  • All applicants must have some work experience regarding their fields of study.
  • An applicant must not be an employee of any multinational company.
  • If any applicant who had applied earlier for Fellowship Program (Master Degree, PhD Degree, or Short Courses) or accepted the offer, he/she would not eligible for Fellowship program. In addition, all applicants should visit the eligibility criteria for further detailed information.

Who can apply for this scholarships?

Currently, the scholarship is open for Masters, Phd, Mphil level students. As different level of studies are offered, different requirements are set forth for each of them. You have to check the official scholarship website for the detailed version of the requirements that have been set for each level of study.

How to Apply:

Before you apply for Nuffic Scholarships:

  • You should know that it can sometimes take money to apply for Nuffic scholarship but it will not be a guarantee that you will be provided this scholarship.
  • You should apply only once because applying many times does not increase your chance to win.
  • You should read all the scholarship information carefully on official Nufic website.
  • You should get everything ready before you can apply for the scholarship.

Follow below given steps to apply for the Nufic Scholarship Program:

To be eligible for NFP scholarship, you should have an unconditional admission in any of the NFP institutions at Masters, Short Courses or PhD Level. Complete application process is given below.

  • First select the institute of your choice from given list of institutions.
  • Check for admission requirements for your selected institution and then apply.
  • Get admission before you apply for the scholarship
  • Once you have applied and got unconditional admission in the institution, then get ready to apply for the Nuffic fellowship program.

Remember! Conditional admission may not be accepted by the scholarship body. So try to Get unconditional admission in Netherlands universities. I will be writing a complete article about how to get unconditional admission in Netherlander’s institutions soon. Keep on checking this blog often.

  • However, if you have got unconditional admission already, you should get ready to prepare your application for Applying For Nuffic Scholarship Program.

Required Documents:

Now, if you are sure that you are ready to apply for Nuffic Fellowship program, you should start your application procedure. Following documents should be available with you before you can start your application process.

  • Valid Passport and its copy or any other official Identity card issued by your local government.
  • A statement from your employer. There are certain information that your employer’s statement should include. To know these requirements, download requirements for employer’s statement (PDF Document).
  • You also have to provide your employment history on provided form on Nuffic website. This form has a specific format and you should fill the form according to given instruction. Download form for employment history, fill it and submit along with your application.
  • In some countries, you may have to get statement from government authority. Download requirements for the statement from government authority, read them carefully and get statement if required in your country.
  • You also have to provide statement of motivation. What should be included in the statement of motivation has been provided below.
    • Why do you want to pursue this course or programme?
    • How this course or programme will help your employer?
    • How this course or programme will help your country?
    • How will you utilize your new skills and expertise at your job?

Requirements for PHD Candidates:

Al of the applies for PhD Candidates as well but there is one more requirement that every PhD scholar should fulfill. This includes a letter of co-supervisor from your own country. Check out the requirement for this letter.

Submission Of Application:

Once you have completed all your documents and consider yourself ready to apply, please follow guide to apply for Nuffic Scholarship Online but before applying, do not forget to read NFP Rules and Regulations.


Deadline for February and May Admission has already passed. Now, November application is open. You should immediately check the official website and note down the requirements for the November admission.

Key Reminder

All applicants must submit the application through Scholarship Online (SOL) and applicants can easily can the status of applications. Please note that all applicants should visit the official Fellowship Program website in order to get the detail information about this Scholarship Program.

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