2015-16 Scholarships for Chinese & Overseas Student in China

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Chinese Scholarships for international students:

Chinese academic institute Jinan University has set up a program for students to grant them scholarships in first year of bachelor’s degree to form strong basis for them without any worries about finance and other things. The university has many students including Chinese and international from various countries. To provide ease and comfort to international students they have set the teaching mode of Language in English and in Mandarin as well but most bachelors courses are in.

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

The Chinese Jinan University has set up different levels and criteria to grant awards to as many students as possible for undergraduate programs. The University offers two year programs to students of Masters who wish to get scholarship and have good grades.


4-5 years.

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:


Number of Scholarships:

Not described.

Application Deadline:

Every October (Annually).

Field of Study:

All undergraduate programs offered by University.

Host Countries:


Host Institution:

Jinan University, China.

Eligible Countries:

All freshman Undergraduates Chinese students studying in Jinan University, China can apply for this award.

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  • Three kinds of awards are approved by JINAN university China on the basis of different academic achievements.
  • First award: 8,000 Yuan will be granted on yearly basis to students who will stand first in their respective disciplines.
  • Second Award is of 5,000 Yuan will be allotted to students achieving 2nd highest grades in the University.
  • A third prize of 2,000 Yuan will be granted every year to students who will attain third rank in their respective fields.
  • Note: the decision about granting the awards will be based on academic performance and authority of Jinan University dealing and managing the scholarships.


  • There will be entry tests that students must pass in the University of every Discipline
  • Transcripts and certificates (copies) must be sent along with other documents.
  • It is necessary that the student is healthy therefore he must undergo physical health test and send a copy of it within the valid dates of the test.
  • Students must send a properly filled application form for the scholarship to Student’s affairs office of University.
  • Only the university will make final decisions and students must solve their own conflicts if there are any in case without disturbing the committee.
  • The committee will take actions if any candidate will try to create chaos during the procedure.
  • The final list will be attached to the bulletin board and if someone thinks that their name is not in the list and their must have been they can check with the office and confirm and even then there isn’t they cannot challenge the final call.

How to Apply:

  • Must follow the information and Form is also available here.
  • Terms and conditions:
  • No promises are made that the candidate will surely be granted the grant if they do not show complete commitment. Therefore aspirants cannot challenge the authorities.
  • Documents will not be returned so send the copies only.

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