2023 - Biology guess Papers for Inter Part 2

2023 – Biology guess Papers for Inter Part 2

Last Updated on August 11, 2022

BISE Lahore 12th class Guess papers for Biology

Biology is a tough subject for the intermediate science group. It’s a study field in which students learn about living organisms, including their structural functions and growth. It is one of the most interesting subjects to read and a difficult one for Fsc pre-medical students. At this stage those students who are searching for some helping materials for biology, we have collected biology guess papers for the 12th class. As everyone knows, that upcoming month can be an exam month for intermediate part 2 students.

Every student knows the importance of past papers from an exam point of view, and we collect some most important and repeated biology questions. Students should prepare these questions before attempting the 12th class annual exam 2015.

FSC Part 2 Biology Guess paper

Question # 1

Describe the structure and functions of the urinary system in man with special reference to nephron


Discuss the male reproduction system in man

Question # 2

Explain the role of Ca ions in the process of sliding filament model


What do you know about the relationship between CA* IONS and Myofilametns (Actins and Myosin)

Question # 3

Explain the theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics


Define the second law of inheritance and explain it with the help of a checkerboard

Question # 4

Discuss pituitary as an endocrine gland


Write an account of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland

Question # 5

Describe the different ideas about the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes


Elaborate on the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes

Question # 6

What is incomplete dominance? Explain it with an example

Question # 7

Write down the mechanism of muscle contraction


How is energy provided for muscle contraction?


Explain the morphology of skeletal muscle fiber


Describe the structure of skeletal muscle. Also, explain the process of contraction.

Question # 8

Give uses and misuses of agrochemicals

Question # 9

Describe the comparison of the nervous system of hydra and planaria

Question # 10

Discuss the function and commercial applications of the auxins


Describe the role of auxins

Question # 11

Describe the patterns of sex determination in animals


What are some common methods of asexual reproduction in animals?

Question # 12

Discuss the nature of excretory products in different habitats


Describe the process of excretion in plant

Question # 13

Explain the process of cloning. Give its uses and advantages


Write a short not on Tissue culturing and cloning

Question # 14

Describe Mendel’s law of segregation with the help of an example


Describe Mendel’s law of independent assortment

Question # 15

Describe the roles and commercial application of gibberellins

Question # 16

Describe the contraction of sarcomas as initialed by nerve impulse


Describe the nervous system of a hydra

Question # 17

Describe the steps in the menstrual cycle in the human female


Explain the human female reproduction cycle with the help of a diagram

Question # 18

Write a note on the greenhouse effect


Discuss the greenhouse effect in detail

Question # 19

Explain the different stages of prophases-I of meiosis-I


Describe prophase-I of meiosis in detail


What is meiosis? Elaborate on the events of prophase-I


What do you mean by meiosis? Explain various steps of the first meiotic division

Question # 20

Describe the osmoregulation in the terrestrial environment


Explain osmoregulation in marine animals

Question # 21

Describe nitrogen cycle


Describe the nitrogen cycle with the help of a figure


Explain briefly the nitrogen cycle (No need for a diagram)

Question # 22

Explain how DNA encodes protein structure


Explain the DNA replication process


Describe the Watson-Crick Model of DNA in detail


Describe how Hershey and Chase prove that DNA is the heredity material


What is the method of preparation of recombinant DNA (Chimaeric DNA)?


What is the three-dimensional shape of DNA?

Question # 23

Describe Meselon and Stahl’s experiment to show semi-conservation replication

Question # 24

Briefly explain wild-life and fossil fuels

Question # 25

Discuss kidney problems in humans


Explain the internal structure of the kidney and how it performs its functions.

Question # 26

Describe sexually transmitted diseases in human being


Write down any two sexually transmitted diseases

Question # 27

Describe one gene/one polypeptide hypothesis considering the work of beadle and Tatum

Question # 28

Describe the role of abscisic acid and ethane in plant growth

Question # 29

Compare chromosomal determination of sex in drosophila and humans

Question # 30

Living organisms depend on various Bio-geo-chemical cycles

  • Write a detailed note on the nitrogen cycle
  • What is parasitism? Also, write its significance
  • Explain neo-Darwinism

Question # 31

The study of animal behavior is known as learning behavior

  • Differentiate between instinctive and learning behavior
  • Describe the following types of learning behavior
  1. Habituation
  2. Imprinting
  3. Latent learning

Question # 32

Define mutation. Discuss its various types briefly.

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