english guess paper for inter part 2

2015 – BISE Lahore Inter part 2 English Guess Papers

Last Updated on April 27, 2015

English Guess Paper of Lahore Board Intermediate Exam Part 2

Its expected that next month will be an exam month for inter part 2 students. At this time they are very busy to prepare their inter part 2 annual exam 2015. Those students who are searching inter part 2 English guess papers we have collected a good helping materiel for them. By preparing these guess paper of English for inter part 2 students can figure out their lever of exam preparation.

These exam guess papers for English are equally important for all board’s students including Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. So dear inter part 2 students download these English guess papers and prepare them before attempting final exam. Best pf luck for you upcoming intermediate exam 2015.



A cricket match

A picnic party

A rainy day

A road accident

A visit to a big city

Allama Iqbal

An accident

An ideal teacher




College life

Dignity of work

Life in a big city/Village life

Mobile phone

My aim life

My best friend

My favorite book

My first day at college

My hero

My hobby


Science is a blessing

Students and politics



Why I love Pakistan


Above board

Add fuel to the fire

An axe to grind

At a stone’s throw

At arm’s length

At eleventh hour

At length

At sixes and sevens

At the daggers drawn

At the eleventh hour

Bad blood

Bad debt

Bag and baggage

Beat about the bush

Beat the air

Bed of roses

Better half

Bird’s eye view

Blind alley

Bone of contention

Break down

Break into

Break off

Break out

Break the ice

Break the news

Bring in

Bring to book

Bring up

Bung to light

Bury the hatchet

By hook or by crook

Cali in

Call in question

Carry off

Carry on

Carry the day

Castles in the air

Catch at a straw

Come about

Come by

Come off

Come up with

Cut a sorry figure

Cut off

End in smoke

Fall in

Fall in with

Fall out

First and foremost

Flesh and blood

French leave

From hand to mouth

Get into

Get rid of

Get through

Give away

Give in

Give the devil his due

Give up

Go to the dogs

Go to the wall

Hair breadth’s escape

Hand in glove

Hold back

Hope against hope

In black and white

In full swing

In the air

In the long run

Keep back

Lay by

Lion’s share

Look after

Look back

Look down upon

Maiden speech

Make both ends meet

Make up one’s mind

Man of letters

Man of straw

Narrow escape

Nip in the bud

Once in the blue moon

Part and parcel

Play the game

Pocket an insult

Put off

Put on

Put out

Rainy day

Rolling stone

Set in

Set off

Sugar daddy

Take after

Take in

Take off

Taken aback

The lion’s share

To abide by

To be taken aback

To blow hot and cold

To catch at a straw

To come to light

To cry over split milk

To eat ones words

To end in smoke

To face the music

To get into hot water

To give in

To lick the dust

To make fun of

To nip in the bud

To pass away

To pass on

To take after


Up to the mark

White elephant


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