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2015 Chevening Scholarships For Pakistani Students In UK

Last Updated on April 22, 2015

Chevening Scholarships 2015:

The Chevening Scholarship and Chevening / Commonwealth Broadcasting Scholarships are aiming towards providing financial assistance to those bright individuals who are looking forwards towards higher education and obtaining a Master’s Degree. Thorough this program, the candidate will be given the opportunity to study in a top class UK University and become a part of the global network.

Various leading UK institutions are involved; however their names are not currently specified. Details regarding the institution can be obtained from the official website mention at the end of this article or by contacting them via email which can also be located on the official website. Check out Universities & Institutions List In UK.

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Field of Study:

A wide range of study fields are available to the candidates, some of these disciplines include improving governance and/or tackling corruption Promotion of human rights, Public administration Business, Trade and Economics (with a particular focus on energy) Security and conflict resolution Media and communications (particular interest in media students and ethics). There is no restriction for the candidates to choose from a particular range of fields, they are free to opt for anything they like.

Number of Awards:

The number of awards for the following year scholarship is not be announced yet, however last year 19 lucky participants were chosen to avail the Chevening Scholarship in UK.

Target Group:

Pakistani Students.

Scholarships Value:

The Chevening Scholarship will take care of all your travelling expenses. This includes your baggage allowance and air fare. Furthermore, the students will be funded for their thesis and Entry Visa in the UK. The tuition fee will be taken care off along with a global MBA fee cap. In case your tuition fee exceeds £12k you will be required to supplement the balance of your award.


All the applicants will be required to pass the English requirement test. The applicants will also have to choose their university when they are submitting their applications for the Chevening Scholarships. Applicants also have to state why they chose a particular study field and prove their interest in it.

Guidelines For Applications:

Students are direct to follow the information provided in the Guidelines For Applicants.

Application Instructions:

The applications can be located on the official website mentioned at the end of this article. The applicants are required to nominate two people for reference. The deadline for submitting your applications is 15 November 2014.

Applications for session 2015 now closed further details on how to apply for a 2015-16 Chevening Scholarships will be available soon on this website.

Terms & Conditions for Scholarship Award:

Before you apply for the Chevening scholarship, it is advised to read the Terms and Conditions For Scholarship Award. These terms are conditions are subject to change. Therefore, you should read update Terms and Conditions to meet the criteria for applications.

Remember, terms and conditions are important to follow. Failure to do so can make you ineligible for the scholarship.

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