2015 Endeavour Executive Fellowships

Last Updated on April 22, 2015

A grant of short course of 1-4 months is provided by Endeavour Executive Awards to students all over the world and to Australian Students. This opportunity is especially for those who have been achieving their goals with highest abilities in business education, environment and governmental fields. This scholarship does not provide grants for any formal degree but provides opportunities to gain knowledge and enhance skills.

Study Institution and who will get scholarships

Applicant needs to be nominated by their homeland institution or institution they are getting admission in. It is student’s responsibility to search an institution that operates in this scholarship in Australia. Scholarship will be given to fellows who are citizens of regions of Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Pacific and the Caribbean. Individuals living in Countries and cities falling in these regions are welcomed to apply for this scholarship program but they have to prepare a professional proposal for their Host institution to get nominated for this award. Scholarship is funded by Australian Government and for the short courses mentioned above.

Following short courses are available for the scholarship:

  • Business education
  • Environment
  • Government related courses

The due date to apply for this scholarship is 30th June every year and course starts in January next year.

Apply for some other international scholarships:

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Permanent residents of Australia, Pakistan, India, Asia, Pacific, Europe, The Caribbean and Americas are all eligible to apply for the scholarships.

Provided benefits will include:

  • The total amount of scholarship is $ AUD 18,500
  • In which the traveling fund is $AUD 4,500
  • Initial Establishment Fund is $AUD 4,000
  • A monthly stipend of 2,500 will also be provided along with the medical insurance but excluding Fare to individuals who will be setting tour to their country, also no funds for family or dependants will be provided.
Eligibility Criteria:
Individuals must follow this criterion to apply for this scholarship.
  • It is very important that applicants must be permanent residents of the countries on the panel.
  • Applicants from Australia also need to have a proper citizen ship of Australia.
  • Applicants who have already received this award in the period of last 2 years are not welcomed to apply for this one.
  • If the person is already enrolled in a degree program he cannot apply for this scholarship and has to at least have a level III degree or an Undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for this Scholarship.
  • International or local applicants must be nominated by the host institution for the grant.
  • It is important that the person applying must have at least five year experience with an extraordinary academic record.
  • A proposal is required that has a proper plan that gives a guideline to the reader about the skills that are going to be executed in the related field.
  • The person’s ability to practice whatever he/she has learnt from the course in the homeland.
  • A community service certificate that shows dedication of the individual towards its community’s benefits.

Guidelines and information for Application:

Applicants must follow the deadlines to register for this scholarship.

To apply for this Scholarship, you need to apply in any of the approved institution by the Australian Government. Once you are granted admission, the institute will nominate you for this scholarship. It is recommended that you should have any academic research proposal with you. It will increase you chances to be nominated by the institute.

It is clearly mentioned on the official website as

Academic research proposals are more suited to the Endeavour Research Fellowships.

Further information about this scholarship can be checked at the official website. If you need any help, you can also comment below. Our expert will look forward to help you in this regard.

Visit Official Website.

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