2015 Oxford University Postgraduate Scholarships in Humanities

Last Updated on March 27, 2015

Oxford University Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship:

Oxford University has introduced scholarships Humanities scholarships to support candidates who are burdened to pay their fee dues and due to this particular reason they find it hard to support themselves both emotionally and practically they lack concentration and sometimes fail to pass exams this initiative will help such apprentices to be more consistent in producing excellent academic percentages and provide themselves a better future.

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

Oxford University has always provided chances to those who dream big and do what ever it takes to full fill their dreams and scholarship programs like this helps them to make their dreams a better reality than what they just dream of.


1 year (2014 till 2015).

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:

  • D-phil.
  • Post graduate.

Number of Scholarships:

6 students.

Application Deadline:

 January 24th’ 2014.

Field of Study:

  • History.
  • Literature.
  • Language.

Host Countries:


Host Institutions:

Oxford University.

 Wolfson College.

Eligible Countries:

Applications are accepted from international students of any nationality.


The benefits are as follows:

  • College and University Fee will be waived.
  • An Award for living Allowances of worth 15,000 Pounds.
  • A grant for research project.
  • All the candidates have to provide complete identity information and transcripts of Bachelors and Master’ s studies.

Note: The fund will be provided for a year only and its continuation will depend on apprentice’s consistency of putting out excellent academic grades.


It is recommended that candidate must read the following criteria properly before taking any step.

  • Aspirants must have taken admission in D-phil before applying for this scholarship and provide the required Documents.
  • A post Graduate and Honors Degree/ Bachelors degree is to be submitted at the university.

How to Apply:

Candidates must follow these simple guidelines:

  • An application for admission in university must be submitted first and then the admission committee will Further refer the candidates for the scholarship.
  • Applications should be submitted within due date. Late submitted applications will not be considered.
  • Second round for selection will start from 14th of March 2014.
  • Any applicant who failed to apply for first round and was put to hold, should consider himself dropped from the program.
  • In case candidate was given admission in the discipline other than he/she applied for should contact university in Written and check if university provides scholarships for the new program or not.

Terms and Conditions:

  • aspirant has to stick to his own major no matter what once they get admission because the university will not allow him to change the field.
  • Final decision power is with University and Scholarships Granting Authorities.
  • Students are directed to send photocopies only because University is liable to send any document.
  • It is recommended to keep the record of your application.

Scholarship Announcement:

Results will be announced in 2014. Candidates will be notified by email or postal mail by University.

Official Links:

Complete Post Graduate Courses 

In case of any confusion or query contact here.

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