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Nowadays people do like to perform their tasks on tablets. Rather than using computer or laptops, as of the reason you can have touch screen feature in the tablets, you can do everything from tablet as you can do with your PC. So why to carry a big machine with you? If you want to exchange emails, tablets will be your best choice. You can take out pictures; you can even make videos using tablets. Even tablets having GSM technology are also available in the market; these tablets can be used over as cell phones. Almost for all categories of customers, tablets are useful. Ladies can use these over to have a

Chat with their friends, they can use Facebook and different android apps to make their lives comfortable. Professionals can use these over in their professional settings. Students can use these over in their educational careers; they have a variety of uses and purposes. In my previous article I discussed “Top android apps for Teachers” http://pakistantutor.com/top-android-apps-for-teachers/ , I thought I should better discuss the apps which are most suitable for the tablet users. Below is the list of top android apps for tablets;



  • Duolingo Android App


This app uses gamefield approach for teaching purposes. It helps you to learn new languages; you can practice these with this app as well. The app is meant to be used over on large tablets; it provides you a great interface. You can find French, German, Italian, Spanish and English language as well. If you already speak in English, this app helps you to improve your English proficiency. I do like this app a lot as I can learn a lot of languages using it over; this is quite a useful app for all sorts of community members.


Download Duolingo Android App


  • OfficeSuite Pro 7 Android App


You can have simplified tool through which you can edit spreadsheets, text documents and also the PowerPoint presentations. While you are on a go, this app is very useful. Sometimes you need to do little changes to your performed tasks; you can do these quite easily using this app. This app is mainly generated for touch screen, I was surprised to see how it handles the text documents, excel spreadsheets and also the PowerPoint Slides. It is simply amazing. You can have this app at a very cheaper cost.


Download OfficeSuite Pro 7 Android App


  • Google Voice Android App


Google Voice is amongst the most admired android tablet apps. It is a messenger through which you can send text messages and also can send voice and video messages. You can use your tablet’s camera to have a live conversation with your friends, colleagues and official contacts. The thing I like the most about this app is that it is absolutely free of cost. You can enjoy amazing settings without even spending a penny over it. You don’t need cellular service provider to use its services.


Download Google Voice Android App

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  • Flipboard Android App


Some of the websites are developed for the computer or laptop users. While you open them up on your tablet, they probably wouldn’t look attractive to you as the screen navigation does not adjust properly. Flipboard do the required job for you; it adjusts the screen navigation as per screen of the tablet. While using your tablet, you can enjoy wonderful setting of a website. You can watch out images, and the full screen navigation is adjusted appropriately.


Download Flipboard Android App


  • Amazon Kindle Android App


If you are keen about reading ebooks either the purchased ones or the free books, Kindle app will be the most suitable for you. You have the full screen view of the pages using this app. You can move onto any page of the book using it over. You can select any word using touch screen and further find a synonym of it. It supports PDF, word documents and all sorts of files. It is very handy app for students, teachers and people who love to read out ebooks.


Dowload Amazon Kindle Android App


  • Bitdefender Android App


Bitdefender is a very helpful antivirus tablet app. You need to make sure you do proper arrangements for safety and protection. Otherwise, the entire data of your tablet will be lost over. There are a number of virus programs which are generated for tablets, as you can see widespread demand of tablets; you can see new and hazardous viruses developed on a daily basis. Your tablet machine might contain highly confidential personal or official data, this data can be lost over or hacked. I would recommend that you install this anti-malware app onto your tablets. Otherwise, you will be in a great danger and can be hurt by any of the threats.


Download Bitdefender Android App


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