3 Worst Mobile Companies In Pakistan But They Are Still Popular

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

Quality matters a lot when it comes to mobile technology because no one is ready to wait for hours to turn on the mobile, transition to take place and apps to load. However, not every company consider it their motif bring a quality product in the market. A best example of this can be seen in Pakistani mobile industry. A lot of mobile companies, but all have come only to fill space available for economical mobiles but not even a single looking to satisfy the needs. Ranking the Worst Mobile Companies if Pakistan, was not as difficult i thought. 

Q Mobile:

Quality: 25%

Popularity: 90%

Most popular yet the worst company in Pakistan, in terms of quality, Q Mobile is top of the list because of its slow transition, “Launcher is not responding” error ever time, you unlock your mobile, “Apps are not responding” message whenever you try to reach a certain app. According to our survey, conducted in Located popular market, we have found that every 15 out of 100 Q mobiles are found dead, or with some sort error message, seconds after unpacking. Transition from one app to other app has been found as slow as 5 to 10 seconds and in some cases, more than 15 seconds. Although Q Mobile, means Quality Mobile, still quality, that is promised in their ads are not provided. Only appearance is kept in lime light to put aside the description of major functions.

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G Five:

Quality: 45%

Popularity: 55%

G Five is almost as old brand as Q Mobile in Pakistan but company has not been so much popular as Q mobile. It is not because of the quality, it is because of the bad advertisement technique. G Five has been proved its quality better in terms of better transition rate, less hanging problem, lesser apps load time, better gaming experience. However, overall body, appearance and look has not been provided as per the demands of the Pakistani Mobile Phone industry. It has put G Mobile a way back to Q Mobile.

Call Me Mobile:

Quality 50%

Popularity: 45%

Call Mobile is a new company bring up same mobiles that are already in the market. So, the company has a long way and difficult task to achieve. Q Mobile and G Five has already provide same features in their mobile. And Nokia has also been a biggest competitor in terms of Quality. Call Mobile has made a very good mobile shapes, better keymobiles, but lack in touch screen mobiles. Still, because of its low mobile prices, it has becomes a popular mobile company in Pakistan.

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