5 Android Apps That Flopped Even From First Download

Last Updated on April 2, 2015

While there are many apps in the Google store that have received full on ratings are in demand by the public to the extreme, found almost in every phone but then there are some that do not actually make it big in the market. Worst apps do actually have an impact on the developer and the app market, here are some of the worst made android apps of 2014.

Miley Cyrus Game

Miley Cyrus game is one of the worst app game available on the google play store. The game which is actually intended as a puzzle is boring to play even for children and the graphics used for Mileys face are not only outdated but also fails literally on interactive interface level. After a while users not only face a dread of what they have been playing but also the terrible voice notes and game application hindering other activities on the phone makes it the top worst application in our list.

Facebook Home

Another worse app of 2013 is Facebook Home. The app is free but so terrible at what it does that it even makes the phone companies look bad. With no functionality and constant crashing, and doesn’t even sum up to the third party launchers. It literally kills the valuable image of facebook in the eyes of so many.

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Virus Shield

Virus Shield is an app in the Google play store which is costly not to mention it does not protect your phone from viruses and other security threats. Faux as it could be, it received many rating on the initial basis but turns out it just swindled people out of their money. It has got to be one of the worst apps so far on google play store that not only robbed people of their valuable money but also provided no protection for it in return.


DroidScale is another good for nothing app on the google store that does not do absolutely nothing. That is right, it is a fake digital scale that shows that you can weigh common household stuff on the screen and shows them to be accurate but in truth all it does it generate different numbers for different objects and even different ones for the same object on different phones used. It is one of the very worst applications on google play store whose precision is not only false but useless if you try to weight something.

Weather Channel

Weather Channel app is another and final in the category that does not update you on the current weather, whether tomorrow is going to be rainy or sunny? Should you make plans accordingly? Well this application is useless because it is stuck on the previous days climatic conditions and has no use whatsoever in the weather forecasting. It does not update and mostly gets stuck every now and then or on the previous days weather update not to mention the constant crashes the users have to face even makes the phone companies look bad with the sort of codes used to generate this application.

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