A Few Productive Apps Every Professional Should Have

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In your professional lives, you need to have apps available while using them over you can make your professional life simple, and work flows easily and conveniently. You can solve complex problems, and you can get assistance in any area of your field. Likewise the medical professionals can use medical android apps and engineering professionals can use engineering android apps. The apps for all sorts of professionals are available and some of the apps are used generally by all of the professionals. These apps are designed by the manufacturers in knowing your needs in the professional settings. They are widely used throughout the world and their usage and popularity increased a great deal. Different manufacturers are producing variety of general purpose apps for professionals; such commonly used apps are discussed below;


Swiftkey app provides a soft keypad, and it lets to swipe across the keyboard with using a finger. You can write your notes; you can write email text, you can send out messages to your friends. It lets to press soft alphabets and numbers. It makes your life easy as you don’t have to deal with the physical buttons or a physical keypad. It supports multiple languages and it has a great user interface. Swiftkey supports worldwide popular 60 languages and also it includes non-latin character sets. Three languages can be selected at a time. It is figured out that to type long sentences in flow is difficult to write, I would recommend responding to small message otherwise it will take hell of your time to write big emails.

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Whatsapp allows you to connect with your friends. While connected through internet, you don’t have to send messages to your friends by obtaining services from mobile service providers; you could have your on account and share your status using this app. It is a social media app in which you find a lot of community, and you can connect with them while searching over for contacts. A company can create an official account and can provide access to all of its employees. I liked the design of this app, it has iOS7 and all tools are in easy reach. I figured out that this app is comparatively very faster than the other Android phone apps. Also you would love to have it as it has customized features, such as you can set your status, background used for chats, it also serves as an Instant messaging app.

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Genuis Scan:

You can scan a lot of pages through it. You can simply take out pictures of the documents and further these pictures or scanned documents can be organized in an order or a correct format. You can save your documents in the PDF format and can also use Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, Evernote and Box.net. Its homepage has a link to document library and the scanner and you can see the scanned documents at the bottom. I would tell that it will provide you with amazing graphics and you will see some amazing results out of it. I personally would like to use it over, when I have to take the pictures. Few of my other friends also admired this too.

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This app is meant for keeping travel itineraries; it is empowered by the strong backend systems and also provides automatic access to records. You will be informed as to when the time of traveling or schedules are setup. You can provide your travel details of flights, hotels, schedules, rental cars to the official domain of Tripit system, and it will organize the entire set of things for you. I would like to put in my travel data into it and it provides exact schedule dates and prompts you as to when the traveling has to be done. It presents you reminders in your busy schedules, it is very useful. It keeps 3 months business miles log, it has built in GPS log and track your journey. It lets you to get rid of paper diaries, where you need to maintain your travel data.

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Linkedin is a social media app, through this app you can prepare your professional profile and can connect to other professionals as well. Your profile will be reviewed by a lot of big enterprises and companies. You can reach out to a number of professionals through this and can get useful advices from it. You can view different job postings on it. To grow as a professional you always need to have your profile on Linkedin. I have maintained my professional account on Linkedin and I got great opportunities to connect with professionals. I am taking tips from senior professionals and guiding over the junior ones as to how they can make their profile look more attractive. This is definitely a very useful tool.

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Google Translate:

In most occasions, you don’t know the meaning of a word. Especially when you are not a native speaker, you probably have a lesser vocabulary. You can have this app installed on your mobile phone and as to when you want to know the meaning of a word, you can go for that. Probably you are sitting in a lecture and do want to know the meaning of a word, you need to write down a text and it will display numerous results in front of you. I do use this app quite often to know the meanings of any unknown words. It is especially very helpful for students, this app makes the life very comfortable. Now you don’t have to search in manual dictionaries to get to know the meaning or synonyms for any word. This app is available in almost sixty languages, you must try it over.

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