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Android Apps To Monitor Usage Data Of Your Smart Phone

Last Updated on March 31, 2015

Android is the best operating system that has been used by the people all around the world and they have been using it very successfully as it tend t provide them with such massive features. However when you are using android then it is very essential that you must also monitor your phone performance so that you can be sure about its credibility. While to monitor your android phone you can use the below mention apps and they will contribute in the health of your phone.

Wifi Analyzer

This is an amazing application which will help you to analyze the performance of the wifi setup at home. While the best benefit of this application is that it not only provides you information but this also allows you to focus on your setting more thoroughly. Here you can manually assign channels to your wifi receiver in your phone to boost the signal strength and less crowded cone.

ZD box

ZD box is all in one app that empower with many different apps at one time. Here what they do that it provide you info about your remaining battery time, running apps, how much data traffic is left and whether app lock is active or not. While when you have access to all these features then you can have a better idea about your phone performance.

Android Status

Android status is really simple user interface app which features CPU memory usage, Process List, Mobile Network information, Internet Connection, Network Info, Wifi Status, Battery Status, Storage usage and Routing info. It is one of thing which you need to know and this makes your phone smoother to work.

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It is the system information app with highly configurable widgets. This is very famous apps which a lot of good reviews. While the best feature of this app is that you can add on different components and customize your setting as well. However one thing to consider here is that when you are using this software then you have to give them access to your phone calls and your sms as well.

Battery Monitor Widget

Battery monitor widget offer complete battery monitoring where you get notification icon, history, graphics and alarm etc. This allow one to understand how their battery consume energy power and thus it give a detailed graphical display about your battery consumption with just one click when you are using this application.

These were the few best apps which help you to monitor the health of your android phones. While using these apps you have to keep this thing in mind that you have to give them access to your personal information such as you have to allow them to have access to your phone contacts and your sms as well. This will allow them to estimate and detect the malware of your mobile phone more easily. Therefore you have to follow their instructions carefully.

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