Android Features That Kills iPhone Market

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

It is the era of smart phones where many different kinds of phones have been used such as android and iOS. While these all devices facilitate you with such exceptional features which one can never imagine. Nowadays most people are having iPhones and android phones which they have been use successfully and for them their devices are the best but when you  compare the feature of android and iPhones then you came to know that android are much more ahead then the iPhones. You might be thinking this all can be an assumption but it is not as the below mention points will help you to understand the difference of android and iPhones.

Keyboard Alternative

On android phones you can have a tiny phone keyboard for typing which help you to type different messages more easily but on iPhones you don’t have any tiny keyboards here you have to install the application and then use to import text to other program due to which the demand of android phones has increased and they are being preferred over iPhones.


Automation is one of the features of smart phones which help to turn your phone into super phone because here you can turn settings on and off for different applications. This means that you have a command on your phone which you can’t have on other device while on the other hand on iPhones you can’t have access to such features due to which it is not much tempting for one.

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Custom Home Launcher

When you are using iPhones then you have to face much limits such as you can customized their home screen a bit but you can’t customized it fully while android empower you with full control as you can not only customize the home page but you can also add different extra features to home page screens as well which will help to make you look better from others.


Widgets also take space but they help you to know about different activities on your android phones. It is just like if you listening to a track it will help you to show the track name and you can do even more interesting thing with it such as you can have a to do list which will help you to entertain and regulate your daily life activities as well. However when you are a iPhone user then you can’t have access to these feature due to which sometime using iphone become a bit boring for one.

Removable Storage and Battery

Android’s open nature empowers the user to have different hardware advantages as well such as you can swap, upgrade your battery or SD card. While in iPhone you can’t have these features because it has limitation due to which you can’t pop in the new SSD card as this will slow down your phone functioning as well.

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