Application Requirements For Turkish Scholarship 2015

Last Updated on April 2, 2015

Before you move forward, I recommend you should check the rewards of Turkish Government scholarships scheme.
These scholarships have been originated for postgraduate or masters level scholarships applicants. Turkish government has clearly mentioned in  their website that scholarships will be awarded to only those students who have either completed their graduate studies or have gained degree that is equivalent to Turkish graduate studies.
You need to fulfill the following criteria as well to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • If you are applying for Undergraduate Studies, your date of birth should be on or after 01 January 1993.
  • To apply for Master’s Degree, you should have date of birth on or after 01 January 1984.
  • Phd candidate has very much relaxation in age. At this time, they have to has date of birth on or after 01 January 1979.
  • For research studies candidates, their date of birth should be earlier than 01 January 1969.
  • Candidates need to be 100% healthy and fulfill the medical requirements from Turkish government.
Besides all of the requirements that have been listed above, there is another criteria that every candidate should need to meet before he/she can apply for the scholarships programs. Turkish Government has selected certain academic score that every student should need to meet. The score depends on the type of scholarship, level of scholarship and category of institution you are applying. Each program also has a minimum score requirements. You can know more about minimum score level at “Assessment and Selection” section.
You may interested to apply:

Remember! If you are already studying in Turkey in any course, you are not eligible to apply for the same level they are already studying in. For example, if a student is studying in Turkish university at Undergraduate level, he/she cannot apply for any scholarship available at undergraduate level. However, the same student can apply for higher level scholarsips. For example, Masters Scholarships while studying in graduate level in Turkey.

Lost citizenship:

Turkish government is pretty strict in their rules. To make it sure that their rules are being followed, they have banned all those candidates, who have lost their Turkish Citizenship due to any reason, to apply for this scholarship program.

If you are thinking to apply for Short term Scholarship Program, you need to read the individual scholarship requirements set for the category. You will be able to check the requirements during the application procedure.

All candidates can apply for Turkish government scholarships from official Turkey Government Scholarships Website.

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