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Last Updated on April 2, 2015 by Malik Waqas

I recently came across a topic that was pretty much interesting for me. It was the same topic I had found many people discussing around me in my University days. I have heard a lot of arguments about it. I never had thought about it because I was clear and simple about these topics. However, there was a desire in me to know in-depth information about it.

Still I had not tried but when I recently did a search while I was checking for Urdu PDF books to read on my PC, I came across the same topic I had been listening to from many years. I know it becomes controversial when you write something or speak something about women but when Quran can speak about these topics, why not we? We have right to know them. We have right to spread them across people for better Islamic culture.

As you have already read in the title, the topic was not other than “Aurat Char Shadian Kiun Nahi Kar Sakti” [Why A woman cannot wed with 4 men at a time]. As title suggest the books completely revolve around why Islam has not allowed a woman to marry more than one man at a time. You may find these arguments little out dated but still they have enough power to satisfy anyone around you. While reading book, it was difficult for me to keep on sitting before PC and keep on reading until the book ends.

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As I know that the life is quite fast and reading such book in one sitting may not be feasible for anyone, I simply took the book and converted it into an Android app knowing more than 85% people around the world use Android and Urdu speaking are above 200 million now.

Book contains following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Some questions about Women
  • Logical Answers
  • Islamic Justifications
  • What is human power
  • How much power a man has
  • How much power a man will have in Jannah
  • Who has power equal to 4000 men
  • How much power will a man will have in Jannah
  • Why a woman cannot marry more than 1 man at a time
  • More than one wife
  • and much more
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