Best Android note taking apps for 2015

Last Updated on March 31, 2015


It is award-winning app that lets you create edit and delete notes in android device.  According to New York Times, it is among the top 10 must-have app and is really easy to use. It can take note, capture photos, make to-do lists, record voice reminders and much more.  There’s an option to search all these once these are save in evernote. The best thing is that you can sync all notes across PCs and devices you like. Adding sketches and handwriting is also possible. Notes can be emailed anytime.


IT is a natural handwriting note=taking app that is used like a paper but have more flexibility and integrated with modern technology. It allows take handwritten notes on Android device using active pen, finger or passive stylus. Your notes stay beautiful even in zoom mode through vector graphic engine. It works quickly and efficiently and is quite simple to use. Payprus is featured app in Play Store and it also allows import PDFs. Cloud services is also available.

Color note

A simple notepad app, giving quick editing service to write notes, email, message, memo, to-do list and shopping list with blink of an eye. Color note works fast and smoother and the best thing is that everything saves automatically when you exit. It has colorful backgrounds and various notes styles like grid or list. It organizes notes by color and there is sticky note widget as well. So it’s an app and a widget at the same time giving users fast and quick access to the app. There is wikinotes link option too.

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Google keep

It works quickly and notes down what you want to write. It also reminds the right place and time. You can speak any memo while on the go and it transcribes automatically like voice search feature. Its not necessary to type and tap every word. You can simply say it all and it notes down quickly. Save poster photo and find it by search. Color code notes organize everything perfectly well. It can add lists, photos and notes as well as record voice memo.


It’s an interesting and useful app that lets you edit notes lists and much more. There is an option of formatting into bold italic and underline form. Another great feature is that is has the word count and character count which is often required by students. It works quick and simple interface is quite user-friendly. It goes beyond note taking and let’s create professional format as required.

Safe notes

It is another elegant notepad app that is password protected. Its simplicity and easily to use feature makes it really useful. Its main features are pattern password protection, mark note in various colors, link URLs or notes automatically in notes, widget of two different sizes i.e 2×2 and 4×4. Additionally, there is option of searching notes in case there are too many notes, you can search them and have them instantly. It can sync with Google Task after getting account permissions.

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