China/UNESCO the Great Wall Fellowships For International Students

Last Updated on March 24, 2015

Introduction to China/UNESCO–the Great Wall Fellowships:

The ministry of Education of China (commonly known as MOE) has taken a step to grant the great wall fellowships to students referred by UNESCO all over the world. The Ministry of Education China Scholarship Council (CSC) is authorized to manage all the scholarships.

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

The grant of the scholarship will be provided by the educational institutions of China hosting the scholarship program, candidates must check HEI’s or institutions referred by MOE. MOE is responsible for all the scholarships but the decision of selection of candidates will be made by  CSC.


1 Year.

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:

Bachelors and Masters.

Number of Scholarships:

Not defined.

Application Deadline:

1st January till 30th April.

Field of Study:

Fields offered by the Chinese Universities will be included. Visit.

Host Countries:


Host Institutions:

All Chinese educational institutions included in the Program.

Eligible Countries:

Students from countries all over the world can apply for this scholarship program.


Following advantages are included in the grant.

  • The scholarship grant will cover tuition, library, registration fee, laboratory fee, books expenditure, on campus living grant and a onetime payment after registration of a new scholar.
  • The grant will also be given for medical insurance, OPD checkups and protection by the Chinese government program.
  • A monthly stipend will be granted to the student based on the level of studies in CNY Yuan.
  • A General scholar will get CNY 1,700 Yuan where as the Senior Scholar will get CNY 2,000 Yuan. The stipend will only be granted to the registers students. Students who will register themselves before 15th of the month will be given a complete stipend grant but those registering after 15 will get only half of the grant.
  • If the students do not register the stipend will not be given for a month and further delay will cost the termination of overall grant.
  • Scholars dropping out due to pregnancy or any other major medical reason will be asked to leave the country and get them treated in homeland, they have to bare their own international air Fare.
  • CNY 1000 Yuan will be granted to scholars studying a course of less than a year and 1,500 to those taking a one year course or more.
  • Inter city traveling grant will also be provided.


Candidates are requested to meet following requirements:

Aspirant must not be a Chinese citizen and pass the Physical examination test.

Terms and Conditions:

Application Requirements are as follows:

  • Scholarship form completed in Chinese or English language.
  • Latest Attested degree translated in Mandarin or English Language.
  • Academic details/ documents/ transcripts.
  • At least two references or recommendations in Chinese or English by Professor or Associate professors.
  • A research synopsis of at least 400 words in English or Chinese.
  • Candidates applying in music field must enclose their CD with other academic documents.
  • Candidates recommended by UNESCO are free to select three study institutions included in the program and on study field.

Note: It is recommended that candidates must take physical examination tests as it is valuable for 6 months only.

How to Apply:

It is advised to contact Ministry of Education of people’s republic of China to get information about institutions included in the program.

Scholarship form can be downloaded.

Official Links:

Following website can be helpful to get in touch with the authority.

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