Chinese Government Cooperative Scholarship Program 2015

Last Updated on March 27, 2015

Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), Ministry of Education (MOE) of China and the provinces along with the independent areas of the country have now come together to introduce scholarships for students who have come from other countries to study in HEI and be a part of Chinese government to get Education

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

Chinese Government in collaboration with HEI’s is responsible for granting awards to students studying in HEI’s and china. The Government has formed scholarships based on the level of education or degree each level has different benefit associated with it that are described below.


6 months to Years.

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:

Master and Doctoral.

Number of Scholarships:

Not Applicable.

Application Deadline:

March 31st  (Annually).

Field of Study:

Fields offered by HEI’s and all those subjects for which provinces and government has complied to grant scholarship for.

Host Countries:


Host Institutions:

Aspirants who are applying to Chinese Higher Education Institutes or are already studying there have this opportunity to be a part of this grant on the basis of their academic achievements. Candidates who are not familiar with HEI’s can find List here and choose to study in ones participating in this program.

Eligible Countries:

Students living in any country can apply for the grant after getting admission in an HEI’s university in Bachelors, masters, General courses or for Doctoral studies.


  • All the tuition dues, registration dues, internship dues, laboratory dues will not be charged and the student will not have to pay a penny for the material related to the major.
  • Living allowance and n campus bed space will also be provided.
  • HEI will provide a monthly stipend to students according to the level of their study.
  • Apprentices in Master’s Degree will be provided CNY 1,700 Yuan.
  • PhD candidates will be allotted 2,000 Yuan.
  • Candidates who will register themselves before the mid of the month in HEI will be given complete stipend but those who will submit after 15th of the month will be given stipend for the days left.
  • Basic outpatient care will be given free to the candidate but apprentice have to go to his own country for any major medical care. But if any accident or extensive injury occurs the ministry of education will provide comprehensive medical insurance.


  • Applicant must not be Chinese citizen. Candidate is not supposed to be a Chinese student when applying for this opportunity and if he has graduated then he cannot be students at HEI for at least one year.
  • Only Bachelor degree holders or equivalent diploma holder are eligible to get admission in Masters degree.
  • 35 years have been set as the maximum age for candidate.
  • Two professional references are required along with application form.
  • Professional references should be from University’s professors and Associate Professors.
  • Aspirant trying to pursue Doctoral degree have to have master’s degree with two recommendations from professors or Associate professor (Copy) and be less than 40 years of age.
  • Those applying in Music or arts field must send a CD of their work to the university.
  • The application form for this grant must be filled in Either Mandarin or English language no other language is accepted.
  • It is recommended to get all the documents translated in Chinese or English and get them attested before sending to the relevant HEI.
  • Candidates have to write a 800 word study or research proposal and submit with the rest of the documents.
  • Transcripts and passport (copies) must be sent along with other documents.
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Test is mandatory for all applicants to check their health. Its copy should be submitted to relevant authorities before deadline.
  • A very good knowledge of Mandarin is required.
  • In case, candidate does not have knowledge about Mandarin language, they should take test and pass it.
  • Copy of Mandarin Language certificate is required.
  • Scholarship will be offered to only those students who have not received any scholarship before.
  • Candidates are expected to read the following things carefully.
    • HEI’s must send the forms to CSC by the mid of April.
    • The HEI will refer the candidate to CSC and applications will then be processed.
    • Visa application Form (JW201, Copy) is required with acceptance letter of scholarship.
    • Accepted candidates will get information by June.

How to Apply:

Scholarship form is available here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Change in study field and course of period is not allowed.
  • Decision made by the authorities is final.
  • Only Photocopies are required. Original documents should not be submitted. Once submitted, University will not be liable to send back.

Official Links:

Visit Official Scholarship Website.

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