GSCAAS Scholarships For International Students 2015-16

Last Updated on March 26, 2015


Introduction To Scholarship:

The graduate school of Chinese academy of agricultural Sciences also referred as GSCAAS proposed the idea of GSCAAS Scholarships for bright and talented international students. With the help of this scholarship, international students with remarkable grades can chase their dream of higher education and research work come true.  The lucky candidates of will be awarded this scholarship will be covered for their full or partial tuition fee at the graduate school of Chinese academy of agricultural Sciences.


Introduction To Scholarship Providing Body:

This institution holds position of being one of the earliest degree conferral institutions for higher education programs like the master’s degree and doctoral degree. The graduate school of Chinese academy of agricultural Sciences is gifted with talented and renowned professors of the country who not only contribute to the well being of our students but also enhance self development. This is a research based yet quality oriented institution in China who is making great contributions to agricultural and economic development in China



Duration of academic years vary form program to program. Please visit our official website mention at the end further information.


Purpose Of Study: 

  • Study
  • Research
  • Work

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Level of Study:

  • Masters Degree
  • Doctoral Degree


Number of Scholarships:

Not specified.


Application Deadline Date:

Nearby 31st May 2015


Fields of Study:

Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Bioinformatics, Agricultural Ecology, Protected Agriculture and Ecological Engineering , Agricultural Regional Development and Planning ,  Agricultural Water-Soil Engineering,  Agricultural Biology-environment and Energy Source Engineering,  Food Science, Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products, Crop Cultivation and Farming System, Crop Genetics and Breeding , Crop Germplasm Resources,  Agricultural Product Quality and Food Safety,  Agricultural products processing and utilization , Pomology (Fruit Tree Science)   , Olericulture (Vegetable Science) , Tea Science ,  Ornamental Horticulture ,  Soil Science , Plant Nutrition, Agricultural water resource and its environment,  Agricultural Environmental Sciences , Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control , Pesticide Science , Weed Science ,  Invasion Biology,  GMO Safety ,   Biological Control , Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction Science, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science , The Rearing of Special-type Economic Animals(including Silkworm, Honeybees, etc),) Animal Environmental Engineering ,  Preventive Veterinary Medicine,  Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine ,  Veterinary Pharmacy, Grassland Resource Utilization and Protecting , Forage Plant Genetics Breeding and Seed Science , Forage Production and Utilization, Agricultural Economics and Management , International Agricultural Trade , Agricultural Information Management , Agricultural Information Analysis.

Host Country:

Beijing, China.


Host Institutions:

The graduate school of Chinese academy of agricultural Sciences.


Eligible Countries:

It’s an open opportunity for all outstanding and talented international students. No student will be given preference over the other over geographical location.



  • The applicant be a non Chinese citizen
  • The applicant must be in good mental and physical health
  • The applicant who is opting for a masters degree must not be above the age of 35 years and mush hold a bachelors degree
  • The applicant who is opting for a PhD degree must not be above the age of 40 years and mush hold a masters degree
  • Visiting applicants should not be above the age of 45 and must have attended at least two years of undergraduate schooling.
  • Senior visiting applicants should not be above the age of 50 and must hold a Masters degree or a higher qualification. If not so, than they must be entitled as academic professors or hold a higher rank.
  • Applicants who have availed scholarships previously form the Chinese or Beijing government will not be considered for this scholarship.


How to Apply For Scholarship:

  • All the applicants should apply before the above stated deadline; however visiting scholars can apply at any time of the academic year.
  • The applicant is required to send in a CAAS admission form for study
  • The applicant is required to send in a copy of his or her highest qualification attested by a notary
  • The applicant is required to send in  two or if possible more than two reference letters from associated professors or professionals in related fields
  • The applicant is required to send a study plan composed of 400 words for visiting students and word count of 500 for postgraduates
  • The applicant’s list of publications
  • The applicant is also required to send a confirmation of present employer or working unit


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