chemistry guess papers for 12th class

Guess Papers for Chemistry 2nd Year 2015

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BISE Lahore Chemistry guess papers 2015:

Chemistry is all about chemical reactions, formulas, equations and measures. It’s a compulsory subject for Fsc (pre engineering) students. As per announcement of BISE Lahore board for inter exam 2105 Most students of inter part 2 at this stage giving final touch to their inter part 2 exam preparation. Next month will be exam month for intermediate part 2 students. For Figure out exam preparations we have collected some most important and repeated questions of last five year exam papers of chemistry. Student should prepare these questions before attention their final exam of 12th class.

Chemistry Important Questions

Question # 1

State three reactions of zinc with nitric acid considering its concentration and temperature


Compare the reactions of phenol with that of ethanol. Discuss the difference if any


Starting from ethane, outline the reaction for the preparation of following compounds

  1. Ethylene dibromide
  2. Ethyne
  3. Formaldehyde


Write down the reaction of alkyl halides

Question # 2

Define the position isomerism giving at least one example of each


Define isomerism. Explain its type

Question # 3

Compare the reactivity of alkenes and alkynes


Explain the acidic character of alkynes with two examples


Define alkynes? How it is prepared? Give its properties and uses?


Write down the reaction of alkyl halides

Question # 4

Explain the structure of benzene on the basis of atomic orbital treatment


Explain the discovery of the structure of benzene?

Question # 5

What are amino acids? Give their two methods of preparation


What are ct-amino acids, proteins and peptides? How are they related?


Give two method of preparation and two reactions of amino acids

Question # 6

Give the reactions of K2Cr2O7 with

  1. H2S
  2. KI


Compare reactions of acidified K2Cr2O7 with

  1. 2-propanol
  2. 2-methyl-2-propanol

Question # 7

How is urea manufactured? Describe with the help of flow sheet diagram

Question # 8

Define hydration energy. Explain it will suitable example

Question # 9

Discuss the position of hydrogen over 7th-A group.

Question # 10

Describe with diagram, the manufacture of sodium by down’s cell

Question # 11

Define hybridization. Discuss the structure of ethyne on its basis


Define SP3 and SP2 hybridization; give one example in each case


Explain SP2 hybridization along with describing structure of ethane


Write down the process of hybridization of orbital and shapes of molecules

Question # 12

Describe one method each for the preparation of ethane and ethyne. How would you establish that benzene is a polymer of acetylene?


Starting from ethane, outline the reactions for preparation of the following compounds

  1. Ethylene dibromoethane
  2. Ethyne
  3. Ethane
  4. Ethylene glycol
  5. Formaldehyde

Question # 13

Write three methods of preparation of benzene


Describe the structure of benzene on the basis of resonance methods


Explain the structure of benzene in the light of atomic orbital treatment

Question # 14

Define the following with example:

  1. Coordination number
  2. Coordination sphere
  3. Ligands
  4. Chelates

Question # 15

What are sn reactions? Differentiate between SN1 and SN2 reactions


Write a note on SN2 reaction

Question # 16

Convert the following:

  • Propyne into acetone
  • Ethyne into oxalic acid
  • Acetic acid into methane
  • 1-propanoline 1-chloro
  • 2-propanol
  • Propene into 2-bromopropane
  • Ethane into ethyne

Question # 17

Explain reforming of petroleum with the help of suitable example

Question # 18

Define Friedel Crafts reactions. Give mechanism with an example of Friedel-Craft’s acylation reaction


Describe the Friedel-Crafts acylation of benzene with mechanism


Write a note on Friedel-Craft’s reaction

Question # 19

How steel can be manufactured by Bessemer’s process?


Explain Bessemer’s process?


What is the difference between wrought iron and steel?


Explain Bessemer’s process for preparation of steel


Explain open hearth process for the manufacture of steel

Question # 20

Discuss acid rain. How does it affect our environment?

Question # 21

Write down the mechanism of the reaction between acetic and ethanol


Write down the mechanism of conversion of acetic acid to

  1. Acetyl chloride
  2. Acetamide

Question # 22

What do you mean by Smog? Discuss its types and give conditions for formation of smog


What is smog? Give condition for the formation of a smog

Question # 23

Discuss various periods in the modern periodic table


Discuss the position of hydrogen in group IV – A of periodic table


Justify position of hydrogen at the top of group IA and VIIA in the periodic table

Question # 24

What product are formed when the following compounds are treated with ethyl magnesium bromide, followed by hydrolysis in the presence of an acid:

  1. HCHO
  2. CH3CHO
  3. (CH3)2 CO
  4. C/CN

Write methods for purification of water; explain the process of disinfection of water by chlorine

Question # 26

What is Grignard reagent? And how it can be prepared?


Explain structure and reactivity and give reaction of Grignard reagent?

Question # 27

Define cement? Give its compounds and how it can be manufactured

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