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How To Get Malaysian Study Visa From Pakistan – Without Consultant

Last Updated on March 31, 2015

No doubt Malaysia has made its unique place among most demanding study destinations for Pakistani and international students. Malaysia has become more valuable for Pakistani students since they don’t get much options to get study abroad. Australia, American, UK and Europe has become a bit difficult for Pakistani students, reason being expensive and difficult procedure to get study visa. Malaysia, in contrast, a very simple and easy method to get study visa. Still, as I know many Pakistani students don’t have much information about How To Get Malaysia Study Visa From Pakistan, I decided to make a simple, easy to use guide for my brothers and sisters.

Before you decide to visit any Malaysian Educational Consultant, you should read this guide and learn what things you need to know. Like most other countries, Malaysia too have some rules and regulations that must be followed in order to get study visa. However, the terms are bit easier than other International study destinations for Pakistani students. Like, you don’t need a Visa before travelling to Malaysia, instead you are provided a Visa once you reach on any of Malaysian ports (airports).

Let’s start how to get a student Visa for Malaysia from Pakistan guide. I will guide you step wise, that is what you should do first and what you do after.

Select A Higher Education Institution:

Most students don’t realize but the first step should always be to decide about the study institution, you want to study. I recommend to make a list of institutions you want to study in. And then check if you are eligible to apply for them or not. However, before you decide about any of the study institutions, you need to know institution should be approved by below given two authorities:

  • The Ministry Of Higher Education: It grants permission to Malaysian Institutions to provide various courses
  • The Ministry Of Home Affairs: It provides approved Malaysian institutions a license to recruit international students.

Institution you choose can either be private or public. At present above 400 private institutions are working in Malaysia but about 220 institutions have been granted permission by the Ministry of Home Affairs (or Immigration Department) to recruit international students. However, all public institutions can give a place to international students. Check Complete List of Universities In Malaysia and select any one of them.

How To Get Student Visa For Malaysia:

As I have told earlier, first step should always be to decide University or Institution. Once, you have done that and have applied to your desired institution, your next step is Getting Malaysian Student Visa. Getting student, reaching Malaysia and studying as an international student is simple and hassle free process. It has three simple steps:

  • Applying For Malaysian Student Visa And Student Pass
  • Arriving At Malaysia
  • Affixing the Student Visa Sticker

Applying For Malaysian Student Visa and Student Pass:

Fortunately, Malaysia is one of those countries that does not want international students to have Visa before entering to Malaysia. That is international students do not have to apply for Visa at Immigration department of embassies in their relative countries. International students reach at Immigration check point in Malaysia and then Visa is issued by the immigration department. However, all international students need to have student pass, valid travel documents and letter showing that you have got an admission in approved Malaysian institution. This letter of approval is important to get student pass by Malaysian Immigration Department.

How to Apply For Student Pass:

Getting student pass is not even simple but it is also not an obligation of international students to apply for that. The Malaysian Institute that has given you a place and approved your admission will apply for a student on your behalf. Institution will apply  directly to the Director of Pass & Permit Division located at Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Once application has been submitted, Malaysian Immigration Department will then inform your institution from 7 to 14 days. Decision about approval or rejection of student pass will then be conveyed to student by the institution. Remember! you should have valid student pass to enter in Malaysia and following documents are required to submit to Malaysian institution so that they can apply for student pass:

  • An acceptance letter at an institution (Institution will already have that)
  • Application Form for Student Pass (Imm.14) in duplicate
  • Photocopies (two documents) of travel material/passport (having at least 12 months validity)
  • Passport size photographs (three)
  • Medical Health Examination Report (One photocopy)
  • Bank statement or ability to finance studies and living cost in Malaysia
  • Educational institution will have to sign a Personal Bond.
  • Education institution will have to sign this Personal Bond as a guarantee of student to comply with the ordinance applied.
  • Rates of the Personal Bond for Pakistani Students is 750 RM. (It may change. Please check latest fee with your institution)

 Arrival At Malaysia:

Now, its time to reach at the Malaysia airport. On your arrival, you will be welcomed by a representative from a educational institution at the immigration check point. You will receive a visa on your valid passport. This visa will be as an endorsement. Now, this is the time to get Student Pass. You will be issued a special pass at the entry point that is to refer you State Immigration Department, from where you will be issued a Student Pass.

Special Pass is valid for only 14 days. So, your educational institution should submit your valid passport to State Immigration Department to get your Student Pass affixed.

Remember! Some of the most common entry point at Malaysia are following:

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah)
  • Kuching International Airport (Sarawak)
  • Penang International Airport (Penang)

What is Included in Endorsement:

  • Visa Type
  • Number of days to stay in Malaysia
  • Validity Of Student Pass

Fee Of Malaysian Student Visa:

Fee of Malaysian Student Visa is different for students from different countries. It ranges from RM15 to RM90.

Fee Of Student Pass:

Student Pass fee is simply RM60.0. Fees can be paid at State Immigration Department. Student Pass should be renewed every year.

Family Members Of Student Can Also Accompany Student In Malaysia:

Malaysian Authorities has allowed some relatives of student to come and join student for a certain period of time. This period of time is usually for 12 months and this permission is legally called Long Term Social Pass. Following relatives may join student:

  • Student’s Parents
  • Those students who are from Middle Eastern Countries, can bring Spouses, Children and Parents.
  • Those students who are pursuing Postgraduate programmes can also bring their spouses and children.

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