Principles of Commercial Geography guess papers

I.Com Part 2, Principles of Commercial Geography Guess papers 2015

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Lahore Board, part 2 guess papers:

Those students who are searching helping material for inter part 2 exam, we have collected a good collection of guess papers for them. I.Com Part 2, Principles of Commercial Geography Guess papers 2015 are available here to download. Students should prepare these important questions before attempting upcoming intermediate exams 2015.

Define commercial geography. Also describe its important in details OR Describe the importance of economics and commercial geography in details OR Describe the importance and the scope of economic and commercial geography OR Discuss the role of geography and social

Define economic activity. Also explain its types

Describe the importance and the benefits of forests in the world OR Write a details note on the types of forests in the world

Write down the cotton textile industry of the world in details OR Describe the suitable conditions for cotton textile industry in the world OR Explain about the progress of cotton textile industry of the world

Explain the main centers of cotton cloth industry I the world

Write the names of physical divisions of Pakistan and write a note on any one of them OR Write a short note on physical division of Pakistan

Describe the details about the physical features of Pakistan

Explain the distribution of forest in Pakistan

Describe the benefit of forest in Pakistan

Describe in detail the sources of irrigation of Pakistan OR Describe the means of irrigation in Pakistan

Describe the element of climate of Pakistan

How many parts has Pakistan been divided as per its climate? Discuss in details.

Write the physical conditions for the cultivation or rice. Also write the important rice producing countries in the world ORDescribe in which areas of Pakistan rice is cultivated in large quantity? Explain

Write down about the position and areas of wheat production in Pakistan OR Write suitable factors for production of wheat in Pakistan

Explain about cultivation and production of rice in various regions of Pakistan

Write note on cash crop cotton of Pakistan OR Give an account of cotton producing areas of Pakistan

In which areas of Pakistan sugarcane is cultivated?

Describe important water power projects of Pakistan

Write a about method of obtaining electricity in Pakistan and explain about hydel power projects of Pakistan

What are the causes of electricity shortage in Pakistan? Explain government measures to cope with this problem

Write a note on iron and steel industry OR Define Iron Ore and write down its different types

What raw material is used in iron and steel industry? Also discuss the distribution of iron and steel industry in the world

Describe favorable physical and economic factors required for commercial fishing in the world OR Discuss the fishing zones of the world OR Describe the important fishing centers of the world

Discuss the high densely populated areas of the world

Write briefly about link canals in Pakistan


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