IMR Scholarship for International Students 2015

Last Updated on March 26, 2015

Institute of Metal Research, China Scholarship :

Institute of Metal Research, (IMR) Chinese Academy of Sciences is offering scholarship management award system for international students and those who belong to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

Introduction to Scholarship Providing Body:

IMR has arranged some rules to set up a standardized scholarship programs of management system to make use of scholarship in an appropriate way.
These rules would be applicable to graduate foreign students and the graduate students who belong to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao (HK-Macao-TW Students).

Objectives of Scholarships:

The IMR institute provides merit-based awards and scholarships for foreign students to advance the distinction in management education and encourage the competitive fortitude among the students. These scholarships are awarded on the base of the on the whole performance of the students during their study program.


1-3 years for MS studies
1-4 years for PhD studies

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:


Number of Scholarships:

Not specified

Application Deadline Date:


Fields of Study:

Materials Physics and Chemistry
Materials Science
Materials Processing Engineering
Corrosion Science and Protection
Materials Physics and Chemistry

Host Country:


Host Institutions:

Institute of Metal Research, (IMR) Chinese Academy of Sciences


The eligibility criteria includes:

  • Yearly Scholarship Evaluation System
  • All the awarded Students (includes those who have suspended schooling owing to illness and by authorization joined the scholarship classes again after recovering) must take part in the Scholarship Evaluation process held yearly.
  • The content of Evaluation would be: Study scores (includes all results of examinations and quizzes of all courses that students have taken, study and work attitude, science research capability, attendances and behavior and science research results).
  • The tutor must give comments/opinions with signature on the Yearly Scholarship Evaluation Forms given him by the student. Then tutor will have to pass it to the Graduate Student Office, IMR.
  • The IMR Evaluation Committee would finalize the assessment on yearly candidates and select which student is the eligible for the list of SCHOLARSHIP.
  •   There are two kinds of evaluation categories made by Yearly Scholarship Evaluation. One is called qualified category and the other is called unqualified category.
  • THE SCHOLARSHIP would be canceled for the following reasons:
  • The legal authority has compelled the student to leave the school.
  • The student is ousted from school.
  • The student who couldn’t pass the assessment test twice during the study period.
  • The students do not participate deliberately in the Yearly Scholarship Evaluation with no solid reasons.

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The financial aid, time period of and quotas of scholarship are:

  • This Scholarship provides grants for tuition costs and living expenses.
  • IMR gives grants for the tuition fee.
  • RMB quotas for the supporting period and living expenses of the Foreign Students are: (Student’s tutor pays 25% and IMR pays 75% and):
  • The grants for MS graduates would be 30,000RMB per study year
  • Time Period would be: 1-3 study years
  • The grants for Ph.D. graduates would be 50,000RMB per study year
  •    Time Period: 1-4 study years
  • The grants for those students who are in general study would be 30,000RMB per study year
  •    Time Period would be: 1-2 study years
  • The grants for those students who are in advanced study would be 50,000RMB per study year
  •  Time Period would be: 1-2 study years

How to Apply For Scholarship:

HK-Macao-TW Students and foreign students can ask directly for IMR Scholarship application forms from the office of Graduate Enrollment, IMR. Down load the form, attachment 1 via mail from official Web site:
in English.

Terms & Conditions:

Assessment of the scholarship:

  • IMR Evaluation Committee for HK-Macao-TW Students and Foreign Students arranges annual general meeting in April and October to assess the applications of every student and thereafter the committee sends this report to leading group of IMR that finalizes which candidate is eligible for the scholarship.
  • The Graduate Student Department, IMR would be in charge to notify the award winners.
  • The first support time period for This SCHOLARSHIP is usually restricted to one academic year.

Important note:

  • The IMR scholarship students won’t be not allowed to get the scholarship award simultaneously from any other sources like CAS, academic associations, any Chinese organizations, HK-Macao-TW (areas) and foreign countries.
  • The justification right of this scholarship Management System is only in the hands of Graduate School, IMR.

Official Links:

Apply for scholarships at official website:

Web site:

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