Learn How Your Android Works! Understanding The Nature Of Android

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It the modern age where smart phones has been used everywhere. Android is one of the operating system which is getting very popular in last few years and due to this now every single person out there is using android phones. While most of them don’t understand the nature of android but still they are using it because it is in demand these days and yet android provide them with a lot of benefits as well. However as one is using android thus it become essential that they must understand the nature of android as well. This article will help you to do understand it easily.

Android is basically an operating system that is based on the Linux kernel that are designed for touch screen primarily. Apart from being used for the touch screen interferences it can also be used in television, games, digital cameras and electronics as well. Moreover in last few years it seems that there is rapid shift in the android users as people are now more involved in purchasing the iOS, windows or Mac OS devices. While Google Play is the one which host more than 1 million android applications and estimation shows that over 50 billion apps were downloaded.

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Android devices are composed of open source and proprietary softwares due to which they are easy to customize and low in cost. This has motivated many developers to use the open source nature and create different applications for the communities which will not only help them in their work places but it will also going to help them provide them a more systematic platform to communicate. Due to this open source feature many developers can customize their applications for the new users as they can add different components for their new users quite easily. These applications were primarily created in the Java programming language by using the android software development kit.

As you are using smart phones and you also have observe this that these phones consume too much battery and here android devices help you as they usually consume the minimum battery power. Thus we can say that it is designed to manage the RAM of your phone. Here what happen that when you are not using your phone then android app automatically stop using the battery. Android is one of that beneficial operating system which provides ease not only to your phones but they also help the developers as they can use different hardware in android applications as well.

Thus now you can better understand that android is one of the best feature of your phones which not only help you to connect with the world but this also take care of the health of your phones as well. Therefore if you are going to choose phones then you must keep the benefits of android in mind and this will help you to keep up with the world. However there are many other aspects of android apps which one must need to explore.

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