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Liaoning Government Scholarship For International students

Last Updated on March 25, 2015

Introduction to Scholarship:

Liaoning Government is offering the Liaoning Government scholarships for international students to improve the assistance in the higher education field and support for the improvement of higher in Liaoning Province. The Department of Education is in charge for implementing the tasks and daily administration of these scholarships.

Introduction to Scholarship Providing Body:

The provincial government of Liaoning is offering a scholarship plan for international students .The purpose of these scholarship programs is to enhance the improvement of international education in the Liaoning Province. The aim of these scholarships is to attract the foreign students who have brilliant academic record and encourage more International students to come and study in Liaoning.

Objectives of Scholarships:

The purpose of these scholarship programs is to enhance the improvement of international education in the Liaoning Province. The aim of providing these scholarships is to provide financial support to outstanding scholars and international students to pursue their degrees from the higher education institutions in Liaoning Province.


3 years

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:

Doctoral degree program

Number of Scholarships:


Application Deadline Date:

January to May

Fields of Study:

Any discipline

Host Country:


Host Institutions:

Universities in Liaoning Province

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The international students according to the eligibility of application process must submit their applications to concerned colleges and universities, which would evaluate the materials of applicants against the admissions criteria of schools. The eligibility of scholarship depends upon the wishes of applicants. If candidates would not be able to fulfill the requirements, if the documents would be incomplete, the documents will be rejected.
The candidates must fulfill following eligibility criteria:

  •   The candidates must not be the citizens of China, they must be physically fit.
  •   The candidates must obey the rules, regulations and laws of the higher education institutions and Chinese government.
  • The candidates must have got master’s degree; they must not have crossed the age of 40 years.
  •   The candidates must have outstanding academic record. The two professors must have recommended them.
  • The candidates must not have any other scholarships of Chinese government.


The financial aid for scholarship includes:

  • The Registration fees,
  • Full Tuition fees,
  • Laboratory experiment fees,
  • Internship fees,
  • Fundamental learning materials fees,
  • Accommodation fees,
  • Comprehensive insurance fees,
  • Living grants,
  • Supervisor grants,
  • The amounts of grants: RMB54, 000 each scholar per year
  • The monthly grants include: RMB1, 500 per scholars.

Important Note:

The Liaoning Provincial Department of Education will give scholarship grants after the scholarship name list, copies of the application materials submitted

How to Apply For Scholarship:

The candidates must submit these documents properly, wholly and truly:

  •  The candidates must provide application Forms for international students for Liaoning Government Scholarship
  •   The candidates must provide attested documents of transcripts and highest diplomas. These documents must be in form of original and photocopies.
  •   The candidates must provide work status or student certificate.
  • The candidates must provide research plan or study plan in one of these languages: English or Chinese.
  • The candidates must provide two letters of recommendation approved by professors.

The candidates must provide afore mentioned documents in one of these languages: English or Chinese. However, if the documents are not in these languages, then they must be translated in Chinese of English and attested.

Official Links:

The official scholarship website is:

Liaoning Education Website is: (


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