Main Android Features That IOS8 May Borrow

Last Updated on March 31, 2015

Well you must be aware of the fact that android is most probably one of the most famous of the operating systems in smart phones these days, the rumors are that the iOS 8 is also based on some of the features that are given by android. This might mean that the android has definitely stolen the place for the number one operating system. Recently the brand new version of android, which is the 4.3 version, is introduced in the nexus five which would be available for further sales as well.

You might want to look in the features that are promoted and offered by the android operating system, which makes it a great one to have in your phone.

Web Browsing

 The web browsing is much easier when it comes to the android versions. The web browsing was never this easier as it is with android. You can simply open any web page that your need to open a navigate through many wasted in no time through the version of android.

Voice Features

The newer android versions have a feature that involves voice mail, voice activation and many other talking features to make your phone run smoothly on the phone.

Multiple Touches

The android also has the feature of giving multi touch options while using the screen of the device. The person using the feature can touch on multiple places note screen to have the desired function.

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Video Call

The video calling is another greater feature. You can do video calling by using the internet that is provided by your network or Wi-Fi in your home to get in touch with your loved ones over video conversation.

Multi Languages

This is a great feature of android which can let you have multiple languages on the phone. You can type, send and receive messages in your own language as the key pad has the option of getting you the right kind of language whenever you want to have.

Screen Capture

This feature was introduced in the android version 4.0. Through this feature, the users can easily interact with the ones they want to and can show what they are doing through capturing the screen shot of their phone. Later on, this picture can be shared with others as well.

Media Support

The android can support all kinds of media on the smart phone or tablet that you are using. You can play any kind of video that you want to on the forum. You might need to install a few software for some of the videos to play but you can easily make the use of it by playing most of the versions on its own.

The External Memory

The androids have this great feature that let you extend the memory up to many folds then the original one of the phone. You can add an SD card in your phone to extend your memory up to 32 GB or even higher in some smart phones these days.

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