Main Features Of An Android: Get Them Know In Easy Way

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

Smart phones are now the most advance form of technology which has facilitated the life of human beings and it is very important for you to have this advance technology because without it you can’t survive in the whole world. Your android phone is the one which help you to stay in touch with the world. However if you are android users then you must know about the below mention tips which will be helpful for you to manage your android phones. These features are mention below as they are very useful for you.

  • When you are using android phone then you must enable your Google Now because it would be more helpful for you to provide information automatically based on where you are, what you search for and other information. it is helpful for your phone because this tend to provide you different information about the upcoming events and remind you about different packages as well.
  • Save browsing is the one of the most essential component of your phone thus it is very important that you make sure that you must have Google chrome because chrome allow you to have a safe access to internet due to which it would be more helpful for you to have better browsing experience. While on the other hand if it is not install in your phone then you must have to install it in your phone.
  • You can’t always use your phone as sometimes you can use your computer for the reply of your text messages. Here what happen is that on your android phone third party app allow you to read and respond to text messages from your computer by using your existing phone number. Thus with your android you can have the best access to your world.

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  • Sometimes it happens that you are stuck in a place and don’t know where to go and here you want to use your android phone but you are out of internet connection then what you will going to do? Here you android maps help you as they allow you to know where to go. However for this you have to update your place and where you live then it will automatically provide you the mapping service without any net connection.
  • Another feature of android is that it allows you to connect to your pc and transfer your photos more easily. You might b thinking how it is possible but your android allow you with the help of your USB port you can transfer your photos more easily than ever.
  • Android also allow you to have back up of your photos automatically but if you want to create the backup then you have to connect your phone with Google+ as this will automatically save all your photos. While here you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your photos as Google+ will take care of it because they will not share it unless you decide to do so.

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