Most likely reasons for getting a Pink Slip!

Last Updated on March 20, 2015

The chances of you getting a pink slip doubles if you fall in more than three of the following categories:

  • You find yourself unaware from what’s going on in the business. You feel aloof from all the new gossips and other things happening around in the company. This means you have been quite inattentive lately about inside business news and strategies.
  • Made a huge mistake  lately? Have you done something that you shouldn’t have and now you are in big trouble? Well if that is the case, than you should be ready to face the music. Always think twice before messing up something if you don’t want to screw your career right in the middle.
  • Do you office mates dislike you? If you feel you are being abandoned by your colleagues than prepare yourself because that isn’t a good sign. It generally means people around you want to get rid of you. The bells are ringing if you see its hard to even come up with small talk at the coffee stand.
  • Your last performance appraisal wasn’t satisfying enough? You should make sure your performance review does not contain many negative aspects of your work.
  • Your company is going through tough financial times? If yes, than you should be mentally prepared to pack your stuff and leave because you know the new merger or something similar will bring in a new administration and new workers.

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  • You haven’t received any promotion lately
  • You work less than an intern or your job responsibilities and duties are not align with your job tittle. This means you are useless and no good for the company. Hence, you’ll be shown the exit door soon.
  • Your company is looking forward towards a downsizing?
  • You recently experienced a pay cut?
  • Your job postings do not match your job descriptions
  • Your supervisor wants you to take some time off or he says he’s been noticing that you need some time to yourself
  • None of your new ideas and projects are being approved by your boss
  • You feel you haven’t done anything remarkable or impressive lately
  • Your boss wants you to take job trainings or coaching sessions to improve you work productivity and efficiency
  • Have you been promoted or re positioned to a designation with lesser responsibilities?

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