New Rule by Australian Government for having Immigration in One Year

Last Updated on April 7, 2015 by Malik Waqas

Do you want to get Australian Citizenship in Minimum time? There is a new scheme introduced by the Australian Government for the citizens of more than 150 countries to get Australian Citizenship in minimum time i.e. immigration in less than a year.

Australian government introduces a simple procedure to get Australian citizenship within one year. Although you need to invest a huge amount of money for this purpose but after successful investment of 15 million Australian dollars, the applicant will be eligible to apply for Australian citizen after 12 months of investment. The scheme is going to start from June 2015 and will be available for more than 150 countries, including Pakistan.

A staff member named Hannial Kori from British Immigration Company “Migration Thames” said the government has started this program to attract foreign investment In Australia. This scheme will help an applicant to invest 15 million Australian dollars and get Australian Immigration without any further investment or hurdle. According to Hannial, the Australian government will speed up the processing time for such applicants and provide them immigration with minimum conditions in as less as possible time.

Australian government is expecting better response from Middle Eastern countries Including Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. However, the scheme is also available for Pakistani and other international applicants.

Before this scheme, prospective business immigration applicants were expected to make 5 million Australian dollars investment and stay in Australia for at least 4 years before they were eligible to get Australian Business Immigration.

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