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NISF Japan Scholarships 2015 for International Students

Last Updated on April 22, 2015

Scholarships in Japan for Pakistani students:

The scholarship tenure is maximum two years and will commence from April until the final year of the registered academic course. But this scholarship will be ended when an aspirant repeat a year in any of the Japanese Universities.

Scholarship’s Title:

Nitori International Bachelor Scholarship

Study Organization: 

Marvelously, aspirants can apply in any Japanese university across Japan.

Target Scholars: 

Scholars from Pakistan and other International countries (non-Japanese) are warmly welcomed to ripe out the benefits from this generous scholarship. Aspirants must be a resident in Japan but not be a Japanese citizen at the time of application.

Sourcing Institute: 

Nitori International Scholarship Foundation sources this esteemed scholarship globally but not for Japanese nationals.

Area of Study: 

Nitro International Scholarship Foundation pleasantly offers the aspirants a prestigious opportunity to learn any of the courses offered by any Japanese University.

Study Stage:

Aspirants will pursue their undergraduate and graduate degree level in any of the Japanese Universities.

Application Deadline:  

Check out official web for deadline confirmation.


No. of Scholarships: 

50 students are accepted for this venerated scholarship scheme.

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Scholarship’s Value:

Scholarship strength is 110,000 yen per month and amazingly it will be 150,000 yen month for the aspirants who will be in the high rank of selection.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify this honored scholarship, aspirants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Aspirants must not be a Japanese citizen but be a resident of Japan when he/she applies for NISF
  • Aspirants must have enough good health to practice their studies in Japan
  • Aspirants must have strong academic background and good code of conduct
  • Aspirants have good communication skills in Japanese
  • Aspirants must not simultaneously benefiting from any other scholarship or subsidy scheme within their own country as well as in Japan
  • Scholarship will also be provided to those aspirants who work on part-time job in Japan for fulfilling their financial needs to carry on their education in Japan.

Application Procedure:

Only online applications will be accepted with scanned supporting academic documents. Aspirants must write out clearly in their Personal Statement (how aspirants may meet the selection criteria of Nitori International Scholarship Foundation) that is on the application form.

Required Documents:

Candidate’s ID card or passport

Passport size photo

Japanese language knowledge certificate (optional)

No objection certificate

Previous academic degrees from a recognized institute/university

Selection Criteria:

A selection criterion is not known for the Nitori International Bachelor Scholarship Scheme.


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