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Why am I writing this article? Just to let you know that you can get a free bachelors degree. No, only because I have already tried it. Everyone likes to get things free and when it comes to education, we usually do not take it serious. Why? Because it is logical to think that a free education resource will definitely be match of the paid educational university. You know what is reality?

Universities that provide free education uses that same resources, same lecturers, in fact more experienced and known professors to make their syllabus or educational resources. One very good example is EDX and Coursera. Both websites are free but have partnered with top class mentors from top class universities like Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts and many more. How do they do it?

Answer is simple. They are NGOs. In other words they are Welfare organizations. You know above 80% of the people love to volunteer if they get time and recognition. Free educational universities usually provide take these volunteers and create something that is almost similar to paid courses. University Of People is considered world’s first free online University to provide degree courses. The concept has worked but still, it has a lot to achieve. You know why is it so hard to run an online free University.

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Learning online is not a new culture in some developed countries as there are hundreds of websites on the web that allow you learning Online English for free, Mathematics and other stuff.. Yet it is a new thing to developing countries especially in countries where online education culture has not developed to a suitable extent despite widespread of technology. Still hundreds of universities and colleges are taking initiatives to help students get online education for free. 

University of the people (UoPeople) is a non-profit and online academic university, which offers distant learning, and tuition free undergraduate degree programs to the qualified people. This university provides access to Undergraduate program for individuals despite of social, financial, and economic constraint. It is based on the principles of e-learning, peer-to-peer learning, open-end resources, and open educational resources. Moreover, this university has a partnership with Yale University for research, New York University for acknowledge students, and Hewllet Packard (Hp) for internship programs.

What University of People Has to offer its scholars?

University provides free online-classes, study material, and annual enrollment. However, university only charge non-refundable one time application processing fee $10-$50 to cover the application processing cost. In September 2014 when university new application processing will reopen, students have to pay “Exam processing fee”$100 per end of course.

Study Eligibility Criteria:

  • An applicant has graduated from high school and having access to computer and the Internet.
  • An applicant must have the enough English skills to complete the English courses.
  • Applicants must have to complete the application processing formality to enroll them into the Bachelor program.

Instruction for Application:

  • Applicant must have to follow the deadline. Application processes in five terms annually.
  • Admission criteria is different each year. You should read Admission Criteria before you can plan to apply.


It is suggesting, visit the website link given below to get the detailed information about University of people (UoPeople) and to access the application form.

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