Ph.D. Scholarships in China For International Students 2015-16

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President scholarship program in China:

The Jiangsu university, ministry of Education of China (commonly known as MOE) and  Chinese scholarship council (CSC) as a  single body has been serving almost 17 school and colleges for bachelors and masters programs but they give more importance to PhD researches and scholars. This opportunity has been created for international students to get scholarships based on their academic achievements and other qualities. The university every year approves a grant of will grant of 15,000 Yuan for baccalaureate and 10,000 Yuan for Masters Programs. As mentioned that Phd scholars after showing a remarkable progress can get the grant and continue his/her studies without paying a penny of his/her tuition fee.

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

JU is one of the most well renowned and oldest universities in China. The grant of the scholarship will be provided by the Jiangsu University to almost 17  academic institutions with the approval from CSC. The basic aim of providing this grant is to make strong bonds between all the international countries through enhancing education and providing chances to achieve the goals apprentices have made map about in their minds since the very beginning of their educational life. China is hosting many scholarship programs, candidates must check details of institution, what programs it is offering and rest of the details.


3-4 Years for Bachelors, 2-3 years for Masters and 3- 4 for doctoral degree.

Level of Study:

Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral.

Number of Scholarships:

3-10 students in Each institution.

Application Deadline:

1st January till April 31st.(Annually)

Field of Study:

All fields the Graduate and Doctoral courses available at the university including the Undergraduate programs offered at institutions to which the grant is being provided for international students.

Apply for some other international scholarships:

Host Countries:


Host Institutions:

The Harbin University of Engineering.

Eligible Countries:

Students from countries all over the world can apply for this scholarship program or those who have already been studying in one of the institutions of JU and paying their academic payments themselves.


  • Research center of fluid machinery: 3 students of school taking short-term course will be provided shelter and tuition grant. 3 graduate students will be given 30,000 Yuan per for a year and 2 PhD students will be provided 35,000 Yuan  on yearly basis.
  • Institute of agricultural engineering: 3 PhD 1st year students will be given 30,000 Yuan.
  •  Faculty if civil engineering and mathematics: 3-6 PhD candidates will be given 10,000 Yuan and same number of students of Master’s will be provided 5000 Yuan every year.
  • School of Chemistry and chemical engineering: 10 undergraduates will be provided 3,000 to 5,000 Yuan and Graduates and doctoral students will be given 5,000- 10,000 Yuan during studies.
  • School of clinical medicine (nursing): to 5 nursing Master students a grant of 5,000 Yuan will be granted.
  • School of electrical and information engineering: 5 students studying for a short period of time will be given tuition fee grant and living allowance. Two  1st year PhD’s  will hold a grant of 5,000 Yuan, 2 second years will be granted 5,000 to 10,000 and 2 third years will be given 5,000 to 15,000 Yuan.
  • School of computer science and telecommunications engineering: ten percent of Master/ undergraduate and Doctorate students will achieve 1,000 to 5,000 Yuan on the basis of their academic results.
  • School of energy and power engineering: 6 apprentices taking short-term courses will be given complete tuition fee scholarship and accommodation allowance, 10 undergraduates will be provided 9,000 Yuan, 5 master’s students 20,000 Yuan and 3 Doctoral students will have the honor to receive 30,000 Yuan each year.
  • School of automobile and traffic engineering: 5 students enrolled in short-term course will be given tuition fee grant and shelter allowance and three 1st year PhD’s will get 5,000 Yuan.
  • School of teacher and education: 2 master students will get 20,000 Yuan.
  • School of management: all PhD’s will receive 3,000 Yuan,  10% of undergraduates will get 3,000 Yuan and 10% of master’s students will get 5,000 Yuan every year. 2 students of exchange program will also be included and given a grant for Tuition fee and shelter.
  • School of food and science: All Graduate students will get 5,000 to 18,000 Yuan every year during their studies and all PhD’s will get 5,000 to 30,000 Yuan on yearly basis.
  • School of medical science and laboratory medicine: only one doctoral student will get a grant of 3,000 Yuan.
  • School of medical science and Engineering: 5 PhD students will be given 6,000 to 24,000 Yuan every year and ten percent of all master’s students will get 5,000 to 15,000 Yuan.
  • Institute of life science: a master’s students will be provided 5,000 Yuan every year of he/she maintain the score.
  • School of pharmacy: deserving PhD candidates will get  6,000 to 10,000 Yuan every year and Masters will be provided 3,000 to 5,000 Yuan.
  • School of finance and economics: 4 first year PhD will receive a grant of  12,000 Yuan 4 of Master will get 10,000 Yuan and 6 Masters and PhD scholars will get 2,000 Yuan.


  • Scholarship form is supposed to be completed in Chinese or English language.
  • Recent degree translated in Mandarin or English Language.
  • Academic details/ documents.
  • Identification details along with passport (copy) must be attached with other documents.
  • Chinese Citizens are not allowed.
  • Candidate should pass Physical examination test. Copy should be sent to relevant authority within deadline. It is recommended that candidates must take physical examination tests and send a copy as it is valuable for 6 months only.
  • Candidate must have a complete Mandarin Knowledge if not than he/ she must take a test and submit copy along with the rest of documents as the institute itself teaches moist subjects in Mandarin therefore it is mandatory to learn Chinese language.
  • Candidates who have already been granted a Chinese scholarship or are applying for another one cannot apply for this grant.
  • An optimistic behavior is expected along with the sense of obeying all the rules in the country.
  • Candidates must submit a research and study proposal at the Chinese University.
  • Two letters of recommendation by associate professors or professors.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Once admission is secured in the University, applicants are not allowed to change their field of study and period of study.
  • The ministry of education, China Scholarship Council and University’s award granting authorities are responsible in handling the scholarships.  The candidates after getting selected will be recommended to the college committee for final decisions.
  • Aspirants cannot challenge the decision made by the authorities.
  • Documents will not be returned therefore send (fax or email) the authentic copies only.

How to Apply:

  • Download the form
  • Fill it on computer.
  • Print it.
  • Send it to the address given below.

Official Links:

Visit Jiangsu University Website

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