Scholarship for International Students at Confucius Institute

Last Updated on March 26, 2015

Introduction to Scholarship at Confucius Institute for one semester:

The grant is arranged for international apprentices or teacher who desire to learn language at the university and then teach it later to those who cannot speak Mandarin. The grant for different majors will be provided by several institutions to students studying in any of the various institutes offering the major academic program of a year or a semester.

Introduction to Scholarship Provider:

The scholarship program is organized by Confucius Institute and all those institutes included in this world-renowned organization such institutes that are so concerned about the native language and its growth into the world are rare. Institutes that have the sense to grant scholarship to learn Master’s course and language courses are included in the program.


6 months to 2 years.

Purpose of Study:


Level of Study:


Number of Scholarships:

Not Applicable.

Application Deadline:

Must check with the institute, apprentice is taking admission at as it is different in every Confucius institute.

Field of Study:

Chinese literature and Language, History and Philosophy of China and other subjects related to Chinese Language and its culture.

Host Countries:


Host Institutions:

Must check the list online or the link provided below.

Eligible Countries:

Those getting educated at Confucius organizations in Africa and Latin America are welcomed to join Confucius Institute in China to learn and teach Mandarin and other Chinese subjects.

You can also apply for following international scholarships:

Jilin Provincial Government Scholarships For International Students

Masters Scholarship in DAAD University For US & Canadian Students


  • The grant will provide a full financial assistance that will include tuition fees, books and things required for the course, shelter at the university, a stipend for needs and basic medical care indemnity.

A monthly stipend will be granted according to time that will be spent at the institute for studies.

  • A 1,400 CNY Yuan to those who will enroll in one semester or for a year at the institute.
  • Those taking Master degree courses will be provided CNY 1,700 Yuan.
  • A onetime grant of 1,500 will be provided to those who have just entered china after getting registers and 1,000 Yuan to those who are in China for a semester no grant will be provided who will study without getting enrolled at institute for longer than six months.


It is recommended that candidate must read the following criteria properly before taking any step.

  • Candidates applying for master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma and be not more than 35 years old and only those will be offered to teach who are not more than 45 years of age are. They must send in their applications with two professional reference letters (copy) from professor or an Associate professor.
  • Applicant must not be Chinese citizen.
  • The application form for this grant must be filled in Either Mandarin or English language no other language is accepted.
  • It is recommended to get all the documents translated in Chinese or English if not in these language.
  • Attested transcripts and passport (electronic copies) must be sent with HSK scoring more than 180 on stage 5 and 50 score HSSK in intermediate stage Reports.
  • After Graduating the Chinese language course they must sign a bond with Confucius organization to teach in one of them with HSK score of 180 at 5th stage. Such candidates can continue their education in China.
  • A strong visa application is required stating the reason and need to study in China.
  • It is necessary that the student is healthy therefore he must undergo the Foreigner Physical Examination Test.  Original draft along with a blood test report authorized by a Chinese embassy.
  • Candidate must have a complete Mandarin Knowledge if not than he/ she must take a test and submit copy along with the rest of documents as the institute itself teaches moist subjects in Mandarin therefore it is mandatory to learn Chinese language.
  • Candidates who have already been granted a Chinese scholarship cannot apply for this grant.
  • Those who are already receiving any grant are not eligible for this one.

How to Apply:

  • Candidates are asked to Log in here. Form an account, gather all the required information about the academic organizations involved. Get the form and after filling it sent it online to the institute.
  • Candidates from Countries that do not have any Confucius institutes will be recruited through HANBAN.  The host institutes will propose the documents of aspirants to HANBAN by 25th April (Annually).
  • The institutes must submit the list of selected candidates by 25th May (Annually).
  • The names of aspirants selected by Panel of HANBAN will be available online by 15th June.
  • The candidates will be informed by the institutes as HANBAN sends the list of selected aspirants for the scholarship to the association.
  • The rest of the details about registration instruction Visa Form (JW202) to study in china will be provided to the apprentice around 1st July.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The candidate will provide a letter stating ( in mandarin) that he/she will teach the learnt language for at least five years.
  • Candidates studying at the institute taking Master and one year program along with Chinese language course will have to sign a bond with Confucius Organization to teach in one of them.
  • Teachers will have to put forth letters of commendation and service by their institute.
  • Must also send all the Chinese Bridge contests certificates as evidence of their achievement if any aspirant has won in China. Those who have won in any other country are required to send a certificate and also evidence from the organization they contested from or won in.
  • Those less than 18 years are obligated to fulfill all the legal requirements and provide legal documents of their care takers in China.
  • Documents will not be returned therefore send the authentic copies only.
  • A study plan must also be sent with the electronic documents.

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