Taiwan Govt Scholarships for Pakistan and International Students

Last Updated on March 20, 2015

About Taiwan Government Scholarships:

The ministry of education and Taiwan government has offered scholarships to Pakistani and International students for BS, MS and PHD courses. Students from Pakistan are invited to get knowledge about education in Taiwan and to study for higher degree in their respective fields. The scholarship program is strictly for those only who have excellent academic records. Students from China, Hong Kong and Macau are not eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship name:

Taiwan Government Scholarships for Pakistani students.

Study Institution:

Link provided below will help you seek the institutions offering the scholarships and courses it is necessary for the student to confirm first from the university they are taking admission in, if they offer the scholarship because the grant of awards authority will be given to universities offering the courses and the scholarship.

Scholarship Honors to:

The scholarship is offered to students of Asia, Europe, USA, Africa, South America and other international states apart from China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Scholarship funded by:

Scholarship will be granted by the government of Taiwan to the capable, strong and intelligent international students of the world.

Programs Available:

Courses will be offered by the universities and colleges of Taiwan. Student must search him/her self about the fields they are interested in getting higher education and the universities and colleges offering them and also the scholarships granting institutions.

Application Deadlines:

The submission of application must be done by 31st March’ 2014 for the academic year 2014.

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Course Starts:

All the course and new session will start in September’ 2014.

Number of Scholarships:

Not exactly mentioned by the Ministry of education but Taiwan government is willing to help as many students as they can.

Offered Study fields:         

Courses will be offered by the respective university the student will be taking admission in. The students themselves must check the universities and colleges offering the desired majors and courses.

Provided benefits will include:

  • The grant will include tuition fee and academic expenses but will not be responsible for accommodation, registration fee, and internet access, medical fee all these expenses will be covered by student himself or the institution he/she is nominated by.
  • A total of NTD 40,000 will be provided every semester as a scholarship and student is responsible for this amount any expense crossing this limit will not be taken care by the scholarship fund or the study institution.
  • The Ministry of education will grant NTD 15,000 as monthly stipend to the student taking undergraduate courses and a stipend of 20,000 to students studying for PhD.
  • Students taking undergraduate course will be provided scholarship for the maximum period of four years depending on their academic performance a two years scholarship for Masters Program and for PhD program the scholarship will be granted for four years.
  • A five year length of time will only be given to those who are doing a combination of different courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must have a high school degree, honors degree or MS degree to apply for the above mentioned scholarship.

Students, who will not be considered for the scholarship will fall in one of these situations so they assess their state properly and fairly, then apply further for the scholarship.

  1. If they are nationals of Taiwan or China, Hong Kong and Macau or resident of these countries.
  2. If they have a prior degree from any institution in Taiwan.
  3. Are already in Taiwan and studying on scholarship.
  4. Have already been received a scholarship for 5 years in Taiwan.
  5. Are recipients of any other scholarship granted by the Taiwan government?


Students falling in any of the above categories will not be able to apply for any other scholarship in Taiwan if they try to fake their documents as the university or college will sooner or later find out about the folly.

Guidelines and information for Application:

The above mentioned deadlines must be met in time. They must first take admission in the university and college of their choice and then apply for the scholarship. The submission of the forms will start in February 2014 till March 2014. It is very important that the students to get in touch with the respective Taiwan Embassy  found in their area for the details about the quotas, scholarship grants, visa, criteria and other details by January’2014.

Official Link:

Following scholarship website will help you solve ambiguity:


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