The Best Sticky Notes Apps For Teachers

Last Updated on March 3, 2015

The sticky note tools can be used in a number of ways for teachers and the students. Although these sticky notes help the teachers, however the students who face difficulty to manage with their understanding of whatever they learn in the class room instinctively.

Importance of Sticky Notes Tools

  • It helps the students to organize themselves better and comprehend reading selections.
  • It gives a channel that helps the students to stop, imagine and give response to the written text.
  • It provides strategy and objectives to understand the text.

List of some important sticky notes:

The Corkboard

You can share whatever is necessary. You can work together with the other people on the single Corkboard. Just Post on the computer. Then Categorize the postings into the Corkboards and Share the posts on the Facebook. Then you can get the notification of the new on the postings.

The Hott notes

These work as the reminders for the desktop. Very Simple, have user-friendly sticky notes software.


It is Photo sharing and sticky. It is a canvas service which only requires a Web browser.

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Take your notes from the browser and with the others immediately. These notes can be reached from anywhere. It is fast, easy and free.

The Notepad 2

It is a fast, light in weight text editor have with the highlighted syntax. This is a type of program that could be able run without installation while it does not disturb registry of the system.

Wall Wisher

It permits to add the music, video and text. It allows the user to make the wall public or private according to choice.


The Popplet is an exclusive web tool. It is used for the visual ideas. It merges the presentations, online bulletins and mind mapping.

The Padlet

The Padlet provides a blank wall page that can be used for anything to be put on it. Possibly, it is most easy website for the kids. On the same page they can ask questions and get the response or the feedback.

Discovery Box

The Discovery Box gathers the items in the virtual box. It permits to make an argument or describe some event, historical period or person. This can be done by keeping the items in the virtual box.


This tool provides free space online to share and create sticky notes in collaboration with others.

The simple sticky notes

These are very easy free, quick and well-organized tool.


The Stixy tool facilitates its users to arrange the whole work on shareable and flexible bulletin boards that are web based called Stixyboards. This tool doesn’t dictate its users for organizing the material. The Users are allowed to make tasks, files, appointments, photos, bookmarks and the notes on the Stixyboards, according to their own choice.

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