The Main Features of Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Last Updated on March 31, 2015

The new android is here with all its features and innovative functions to make it more user-friendly and smooth to run. It has come with many exciting functions and are advanced than the old versions. There are many improvements in apps and functionality.

Better multitasking

You can optimize memory and improve touchscreen to enable it respond faster and accurate. You can listen to music while browsing the web or play games or check emails while tuning out. Android is popular because it enables dong several things at a time. You can run multiple apps and software simultaneously without a hitch to save, time and energy.


Kit Kat is integrated with art works and when device is locked, music is played or movies are projected to Chromecast, the screen shows amazing art wall papers automatically to appeal your esthetic sense. This is just to make the device look beautiful. It picks up any art images and sets in the screen as background.

OK Google

Instead of tapping on screen to proceed on the android device, just speak ‘Ok Google’ and it will launch Google voice search. You can send text message, compose email, get directions to your destinations and play any song or video by just saying it. No need to touch the screen. In previous android versions, you had to tap voice search to activate it.

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Immersive mode

In this android, when you are reading a book or playing a game, you can activate a mode where the side bars and status bars are hidden to enlarge the view and keep you focus. It’s perfect for book reading. To bring the bars back, simply swipe the edges of the screen.

Organized contacts

In the new phone app, there is automatic prioritizing of the contacts which is based on the people you make calls the most. This is a perfect way to well organize the contacts. In Google apps domain, you can search places, business, people and contacts nearby.

Smart Caller ID

When you get call from an unknown number, which is not present in your contacts, your phone will search for matches from businesses with local listing no Google Maps to let you know about the number and avoid curiosity or discomfort. It is an interesting feature that is not in previ9us android versions.

Combined message inbox

There is no chance of missing any message no matter which app the friends or colleagues use. The new hangouts app integrates SMS and MMS messages together in one app along with video calls and other conversations. The new hangouts also allows sharing your location and send animated images in GIF format. This one in all message inbox saves time and energy. With this, you’ll never miss any message on sms, hangout or mms.

Emoji in email

Emojis are a nice way to express your feelings that can’t be expressed through words. Japanese colorful characters are now available on Google keyboard. These can be inserted anywhere you type even in your email besides SMS.

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