Tips For Professional Career Development

Last Updated on March 20, 2015

Do you count yourself among those highly motivated people who are well focused and oriented towards achieving their goal but are a little uncertain about an accountability partner for themselves?

Below Is A List Of Professional Career Development Tips

Causes for losing focus:
Some people usually lose focus because they are interested in a couple of things at the same time. This is one reason that they easily get distracted from their goal as soon as they witness something else more interesting. The second reason that may accompany you losing your focus is stress. Too much stress in unhealthy and will eventually make you de motivated towards attaining your goals and objectives.

If you encounter any of the aforementioned difficulties than it is in your best interest to have an accountability partner. With the help of an accountability partner you will stay focused towards attaining your goals and they will help you attain both your professional and personal goals.

Why have accountability partners?

This person will keep an eye on you and see whether or not you are taking your work seriously. This person will act as a supervisor and will reinforce you to achieve your desired goals. Your accountability partner will keep a track of the goals you have achieved and the goals you will achieve in the future. You will guide in both your professional and personal life. Guidance from accountability partners will make the process of accomplishing your goals and objectives much easier.

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How to choose accountability partner?

There are no hard and fast rules as to whom you should appoint your accountability partner. This person can be somebody from your workplace or a random individual who has no work relationships with you. This relationship can take both forms; unidirectional or bidirectional. You can also offer your accountability partner to be his or hers accountability partner, but this isn’t something obligatory. It is matter of your choice and preference. One of the advantages of serving each other as accountability partners is that your fees will be trade off. You will trade services and advices in return of services and advices rather than money.

How it works?

You will need to update your accountability partner regarding your work plans for the week in the beginning of the week, this means giving him or her a call either on Sundays or Mondays. To gain utmost advantage from your appointed your accountability partner you need to keep him updated of each and everything you ought to do in the following way. This way your accountability partner will efficiently keep a track of your progress and advancement towards achieving your objectives. You can also ask for solutions to certain obstacles that you might face while accomplishing your goals. The accountability partner will keep a record of what has been accomplished and what still has to accomplish.

Advantages of accountability partner:

Accountability partner will help you maintain discipline and follow deadlines which are very important if you want to advance in your career development. You need to be punctual and well organized to avoid any work chaos.

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