Top 10 Best Android Apps Made By Pakistani Coders

Last Updated on March 31, 2015

Pakistani Software developers have made their mark and produced some extraordinary Android Applications. It shows a great potential and vast knowledge in the software development area and their special focus on creating android applications for the different categories of clients. Among them are some of the mentionable applications as discussed below;

1.         Groopic

Top 10 Apps Made by Pakistani CodersGroopic is one of the renowned software, it is meant for photographers to feature in picture themselves by obtaining 02 different pictures. This application further merges these pictures to generate an ideal snap. This application is available on the Android store.

2.         AllSecure   

Top 10 Best Android apps made by Pakistani dvelopersAllSecure contains features of phone locator and Anti-virus theft; it provides users a complete security solution with a single app. It also provides a backup for your data. Its trial version is free of cost and paid version contains up-graded features.

3.         Intellistats

Top 10 best android appsIntellistats helps you make the statistics really interesting, it is a simple application and it presents packages and data plans for you to understand your smart phone usage, messaging, mobile data and phone calls. With the help of it once you are able to understand your patterns; you will be able to make smart decisions.

4.         Olaround

Top 10 Best Android apps 2014Olaround is a renowned location-based award earning service. Olaround presents partner venues of a lot of businesses and outlets. You can find out a retail outlet nearby and can get a discount from there. You may get to know about the activities of your friends and may know about the new places using this application.

5.         Hoodere

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2014In the fast going life, you don’t get a chance to manage your schedules. It is very difficult to make and execute your plans. Hoodere application lets you as to what your friends are doing and do the planning part for you which will be suitable for everybody.

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6.       SMSAll Messenger

Top 10 Android Apps 2014SMSAll Messenger facilitates everyone to install this application and send out free SMS to any cell phone number in Pakistan and even you can send SMS to landline phones as well. It allows you to chat on public forums using hashtags and helps you find like-minded people.

7.         Chalo

Top 10 Best Android AppsChalo is a customized GPRS based application for Pakistani people who entails hundreds of features of your interest. It allows navigating rapidly from one place to another. Even in an unknown location, you can find your desired places quite easily.

8.         Toffee TV

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2014Toffee TV is a modernized Cassette Kahani, a collection of some of the best illustration and Urdu stories which will be very interesting for your children. It contains Arts and Crafts section and fun activities as well.

9.          TossDown

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2014TossDown contains databases of one of the top Pakistani restaurants throughout the country. This application includes their addresses, customer reviews, menus and special offers presented.

10.        LocPro

Top 10 Best Android Apps 2014LocPro is the simplest application that allows you to control your gallery access by identifying your place. Sometimes people get an unprotected access to your photos and images, LocPro automatically informs you when you are at a different place and guarantees your privacy.

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