Top 5 Android Phones For 2015 – Latest Review

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

It is the era of modernization where smart phones has been used very frequently and in smart phones brand android phone are become need of the day. While android is the operating system developed by google which is available in different version and all these versions are helping people out there is stay connected with the world. In 2014 many things have changed as time never remains the same and so do the technology because it is growing rapidly. Thus now you have access to better mobile phone which was not possible in the past.

While in 2014 the different trends in android phones have been observed as many companies rose and strengthen their purchase and credibility with android phones manufacturing. Samsung, Sony, LC, HTC and Motorola are the some brands which has flourished their business in mobile phone industry with android phone manufacturing. However the best 5 android phone which are in demand now are:

Samsung Galaxy Note4

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the number one brand in android phones as it has got dynamic features such as 5.7 inches display, 2.3 GHZ processing speed and 32GB mobile phone storage. When you are getting such high quality device that offer best performance and stunning screen display then you would also not resist to buy this kind of android phone.

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HTC One X+

This phone is ranked second on the customer choose as it has 4.7 inches display, 1.7 GHZ processor speed and 64 GB mobile storage. It is the most stunning android phone by HTC which has got so much for the users that they can’t ignore it.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is the 3rd top ranked android phone which has 5 inches display, 1.5 GHZ processing speed and 16 GB storage. This is the best because this allows the user to have a more free experience awhile using these phones and when Sony has started to manufacture android phones then their sales has been increased over past few years. Although when you compare it with Samsung and HTC than it has not such high features and yet the memory storage is also low.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is at number 4 on best android phone ranking because it has got some new feature which the previous models don’t have such as heart rate monitoring and it has also got finger print scanner. While the best feature of this phone is that it look like the other Samsung phones but it is a smart phone which is actually smart enough to be handled.

Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G is the phone which has brings back Motorola Company in mobile phone industry because before this it was not working well. This phone has got decent camera, excellent screen, and 4.3 android jelly beans. However the only limitation of this handset is the limited mobile phone storage which is only 4 GB that is not enough due to which Motorola Moto G is not rank highly on top android phones.

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