Top 5 Most Downloaded Android Apps For Students

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Now being a student Android apps are developed to help you out in your educational career. These apps are found to be very useful for students in their daily schedules. There are a lot of Utility apps through which you can get help. Students normally have to make a lot of assignments, they need to do the research work and also need to have a dictionary with them all the time. By keeping all of these requirements in consideration, wonderful and awesome apps are manufactured by different software development companies for your facilitation. As being a student, sometimes it’s been very difficult to sit at a place and do the assigned work for the long hours. These different sorts of apps contain almost everything you need in your student life. Most of them are free of cost! so don’t be worry about the budget.


Evernote works in conjunction with desktop program and web app. If you are thinking to have voice, text, snapshot or voice sharing, Evernote will sync your PC with Online Evernote Account. This app is free of cost. Its installation requirement is 1.5+ Android. It lets me to take notes within a lecture and allows doing syncing as well. You will get an adjustable user interface. I like the well-balanced and simple design of it. For me it’s a killer app having nested notebooks, reminders and other great sorts of features. I would recommend that every student must use this organizational program and note-taking version of it.

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GDocs For Android:

GDocs is getting a great popularity because this app is based on cloud features. Your data is stored in a cloud and whenever and at any place you want to access them you can do so. Once you start working at the time of completion you need to save your work on GDocs, and it will provide you an interface that wherever you left off your work, you can start from the similar place. I would tell sometimes, I am very busy. It’s difficult to stay on a seat and work for long hours, now the only solution is that take your data along with you. You can open up your work on your Android phone and can start working from there. Later on, once you get a chance, you can access that data from your PC or laptop. Isn’t it very helpful in your work?

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The major purpose of this app is to take pictures, and you can do that by using your phone’s camera, and further they can be saved as high-resolution documents, in most occasions you will see a PDF. It has the feature that automatically corrects the angles, and it is also contrast-enhancing technology to provide your picture an amazing look. Well, this app has been tried to take pictures of natural beauty, you can imagine quite an awesome look from it. Most beautiful scenarios can be captured through it, you will definitely love it!

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 You can record notes in your own voice and at later time you can hear them whenever it is required. You can record lectures using this app. Sometimes while taking notes in the class, you miss out a great portion of it.  Now if you have the recording of it, you can simply turn on the recording and can start hearing whatever was missed out. It is easier to read documents near to exams when you require a revision of whatever you have studied in the semester; such an app will let you to hear all the things. Apart from that if you want to remember anything you can save it on this app and can hear at any later time. I would like to have this app when I have to set in reminders, I used to forget a lot of my stuff and this brutal!. I want to get rid of this situation and this app is helpful a lot.

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It is a simple app that allows you to take screenshots of the white board and further they can be shared among the students. It provides a great navigation and provides a great quality picture so that you can read whatever you have captured. Android 2.1+ is required to be there on the system while you use it over. While sitting in a class it is difficult to note down lectures, the simplest method I figured out is that you take out pictures as to what is being presented and later on can view these pictures in larger modes.

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Catch is formally known as 3 Banana, you can take text notes, can format photos and organize them on your online account and also on your phones. It provides you social media integration and that is the great feature of it. It is a unique syncing app and has a wonderful collaboration features. I like its feature of comment threads for notes. It provides a great help in work. Geo-location tagging option is something very amazing. Its compelling and stylish design inspires me a lot. I do recommend my peers and colleagues to use it over.

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I ensure the apps mentioned above will make your student life very simple and even you don’t have to concentrate all the time in the class lectures which is the toughest thing. You have the recordings now!

Feel free to share your thoughts about it. I will be looking to make some more lists that are more valuable for you.

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