Top 5 Ramadan Apps For Android Phones

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

It is the month of Ramadan, when peace and love surrounds the air and everyone is in high holy spirits but in our age where technology prevails and mostly every person is technology oriented, owning android phones or iPhone, many of the old values and traditions are replaced by these technologies. This is a chance for many software developing companies both android and iOS to showcase their skills in the market and make applications that attract the Islamic consumer community and spread the aura of faith among millions who use them. Here, is a list of top five Ramadan apps for android and iPhone.

Ramadan Diet

Starting off with Ramadan Diet, as the name suggests it is relating to the category of health and fitness and is designed for both Ipads and Iphones not to mention an android version has also developed only recently. The application is still on its 1.1 version and has so far met numerous downloads with a 4+ rating. It is designed to count your calorie intake and is aimed for those who seek to lose a bit of weight this Ramadan.

Salah 3D pro

Salah 3D pro is another great Islamic application which has features that enable you to pray salah the right way, this is specifically aimed at children who are learning how to pray or newly converted Muslims, or simply put those who want to improve their way of praying. The three-dimensional graphics are suitable for all ages, not to mention it has been given 4.4 ratings on Google play store. The Salah 3D takes up learning and polishing your salah skills to a new degree of faith.

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Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is an Islamic mobile application and online AzanĀ one that is very popular in demand in both apple as well as Google application store. The application gained attention for its accurate Qibla direction from any region but also provides full Quran with translation and audio. In the app store it has been given a 4+ rating not to mention it comes in many languages and was updated to version 6.2.2 on 4th of July, 2014.


Ainun is another tremendous application developed by iOS app developers in Indonesia which adds Islamic words and beautiful calligraphy to your pictures. Ainun (BETA) is the android version that is available on Google play and has been ranked in the top 50 countries with a 3.1 rating. The filters and designing of calligraphic art is mesmerizing and is a must download, this Ramadan.

Islamic greeting card app

Islamic greeting card application is available both on android as well as Iphone which allows you to share Islamic greeting and has many other features such as Dua cards and Quran cards, so you can spread the love to your holy men this Ramadan. It has over 170+ cards that are designed by professionals and what more can be better to know that it is absolutely free. Having rated a 4 in the review department, this is one application that you would want in your phone.

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