Top android apps for Teachers – Every Teacher Needs Them

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Teachers have a primary job to teach the students. They have very busy schedules; they need to take multiple lectures in a day, they always need to meet the deadlines. Such sorts of android apps are developed for them which make their life easy and convenient during the lecture preparations and at the time of delivering the lectures. These apps are designed in keeping their needs in consideration. Teachers probably be looking to know about something which come across to them in between the lectures or they want to know about something that a student has asked from them. As I have discussed in my previous article: that some of the apps which are of great help for ladies, I figured out that some of the below given apps are found to be very useful for the teachers and lecturers;


  • 1Password Android App:


Sometimes you forget your password. Isn’t it the most difficult part of the life? Or your password is stolen over, or your email account has been hacked. Let me tell you this app is amazing in securing yourself from such occasions. All you need to remember is the Master password which will come along with a hint. Once you give your master password, it will provide you with your original password. For such individuals who are dealing with login and password hackers, such an app is very useful as you don’t provide the original password, and the original password is always protected.


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  • Attendance Android App


I have noticed that the most difficult part of teachers’ life is attendance if they want to make their life easy, they need to do something about this attendance. Now it has been made very simple with the help of Google Spreadsheets, you just need to enter the data once for the entire year and can take the attendance every day. The software will calculate the number of absentees and tardies itself and will provide you a complete report whenever you need it. Weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

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  • Blackboard Mobile Learn Android App

It is very handy app that makes learning very easier for you. It keeps the details about the courses as to when and wherever you want to access you can do so. You can save your entire list of courses in this app. You can put in schedules in this app; it will remind you at the appropriate time, as to when you want to learn something about a specific course.


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  • Blogger Android App


I found this app to be very useful. You can post or publish anything you want. Nowadays in most occasions teachers and students have to share a lot of material between them. Teachers used to share the resources and from the specific website, students get access. These resources will be there for the lifetime on the Blogger website, and whenever you want to access them, you can do so.


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  • CamScanner Android App


Another handy app is CamScanner; it helps you to scan, take a snapshot, sync, store and collaborate. Sometimes while reading out the books and lectures, you would probably in need of taking out a picture of a specific portion that you would be in need for the future needs. I recommend that every teacher or student needs to have this app in his/her smart phone as they need to deal with reading stuff a lot much.


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  • Dropbox Android App


The app lets you bring all documents, photos and video from anywhere and helps share them easily. You can have every available access to all of your resources all the time, whether you are at home, in the office, at the workplace or anywhere else. Those teachers who like to work remotely, such an app is very amazing for them. It lets your life comfortable and easy. In your busy schedules, you can always take time out and checkout your resources using your smart phone.


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  • Explain Everything Android App


Let me tell you about this amazing app, it facilitates you with the features of screen casting, interactive whiteboard and is having very easy to use design. It also contains narrate, import, animate and export features. You can create slides, add shapes, can use laser pointer, draw in any color and can add text. Furthermore, you will be able to clone, copy, paste, move, rotate and lock any of the objects included into the stage. A small and simple app provides you with amazing and wonderful features; teachers can use this app in their settings and can make their life easy while using amazing features.

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  • Google Calendar Android App


If I tell you teachers are always concerned about their schedules, while they are busy they don’t remember the things. From each of your Google account, this app synchronizes all of the important events and schedules. It will prompt as to when you need to do a specific task.


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