Top Educational Apps For Android and iPhone

Last Updated on April 2, 2015 by Malik Waqas

Smart phones are now being popular among the people as well as in the children’s too now -a-days. These Android and iPhones have also introduces some educational apps for children’s through by using those apps they can increase their knowledge and the best way to utilize their time. There are some educational apps are available for the iPhones, that how on earth do you make math’s fun.

Math’s is boring right but actually it is not a boring subject. You just basically have to grip on the basic functions of the math’s and also learn by heart. The most basic functions are the addition, subtraction, multiply and division and also the most important are learn tables by heart. But these things seem to be difficult for the beginners. But the android and iPhones apps then makes the basic learning of math’s makes easy and fun too.

There are plenty of android and iPhone apps available to help the beginners to learn basic math’s easily. For this different math’s games are available which are aimed at to different primary and elementary school children’s and also for the young beginners too. These apps are divided in to the different levels according to the age of the child; levels are BEGINNER MATHS APP and OLDER MATHS APP. The beginner’s app level is for 3-5 years old child and the older app level is from 6-8 years old child.

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Rather than a math’s apps there also some other apps are also available in it. There are more androids explore from companies like story toy, ocean house media, giggle up etc. Every developer mentioned in the piece has the link to its websites to easily access it by clicking on the platform names (iPhones, iPads, Andriod) will take you straight to the apps store. Here are some educational apps that make your child learning more fun and easy and they also enjoy while learning. Short descriptions of these apps are:

Endless Alphabets App:  This app contains a joyful collection of words and monsters to explain them. They sorted alphabetically, each words get children to drag its letter into place, after which they’ll see a character animation for its definition.

Kid’s vocab: This App used to improve the vocabulary of the child and builds the essential vocabulary. Its splits learning into lessons, each with up to 20 words or phrases taught through different mini games. Mostly children enjoy learning while playing different education games and these are mini games are the best way to educate them.

My first 101 words:  The app used to teach the toddlers first words.  These words are probably guessed by using the videos rather than a text or a narration. Each word is demonstrated with video clips and having the ability to play, replays or shuffles them.

There are also some educational apps introduced by the android and iPhone to make education fun learning for the child and the children also enjoy while learning new things. Thanks to androids and iPhone to make our child life easy and fun learning.

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