Top Law Apps For Lawyers and Legal Practitioners

Last Updated on April 2, 2015 by Malik Waqas

With technological advancement, doctors and the teachers have variety of apps that make the work easier and they have started to rely on them. Now where does this lead all the professional lawyers and attorneys? Well here are a list of apps that are made for just law students and practicing professionals and we think you might benefit from them.

The Law Guide/Dictionary

The Law Guide/Dictionary lightens the load of heavy books that the law students and practicing lawyers have to bring with them. It has more than eight thousand definitions and its dynamic and easily browse features make it easy to use. You also have the availability to free case link reviews.

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dLaw has one of the best feature and that is offline viewing. It is a great benefit for those who need to carry huge books with them and gives you access to civil procedures and other laws. You can also purchase some if they are not available in the app itself.

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Pocket Justice

Pocket Justice is another app for legal practitioners but unfortunately, it is not free on the Google play store and you can listen and see hundreds of oral documents. The public proceedings can be heard from the recordings and has 110 sketches for biographical and voting alignment, making it good for abstracts of the U.S supreme courts.

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smartLEGES is for those who are starting out with the field of law or do not know their rights and would like to do so by just downloading the American constitution in the palm of your hands. It does not limit itself to one nation but many other countries as well as does not require specific internet connection to read some. You can change the font size and the font colors not to mention the background.

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Congress is a great law app that helps you keep an eye out for whatever the latest happening in the country is and you can access the latest laws and bills passes, but the drawback of it is that it cannot be moved to an SD card because it uses the background services for notifications.

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PUSH: Legal- Mobile Law Library

PUSH: Legal- Mobile Law Library gives you the most current update on the rules and status not to mention you can select your case laws requirements and study them. You can see all the books aligned on the shelves and gives you the virtual selection feel.

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Docket in your Pocket (PA)

Docket in your Pocket (PA) is for any lawyer or practicing one in the state of Pennsylvania and then this app is just for you. This app provides the state criminal charges and civil lawsuits not to mention many other minor offenses can easily be looked up.

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Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is for those lawyers who have busy schedule cannot keep up with the hectic routines with clients. You can talk and record your meetings and then listen to them in your spare time and judge accordingly.

Call Track

Call track is another one aimed just for the lawyers with hectic schedules. It easily makes it convenient for you to track you calls and update your calendar.

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Evernote is an excellent app which cannot only benefit lawyers but other students and professionals and allows you to sync all your notes that you take during meeting and proceedings can easily be accessible.

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