Top Online Jobs For College Students

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College students are often found having financial stress because they spend their money in fun activities; hang outs, birthday parties and shopping. These activities disturb their budget so they search for part time jobs (or full time jobs if it suits their schedule) online. This enables them to earn pocket money while they are studying. Thus, online jobs are becoming popular among college students. If you are also looking to earn a pocket money for yourself or if your graduated and have not got a right job as yet then you can look for the following top online jobs:

Writing Jobs

If you have good writing skills then you can apply for online content writer positions. Number of companies hires freelance writers to write web content (articles, product descriptions etc.) for them. Being a freelance writer you need a computer (desktop or laptop), good internet connection and MS Word. To apply for this position company may require you to submit some writing samples and a resume.

Online Tuition

You can tutor students in their subjects and you can also tutor professionals in the skills they lack such as communication and presentation skills. This can be done through video conferencing and by providing online notes. You just need to have communication tool installed at both the ends; such as Skype or Viber or some messenger.

Web Development/Graphic Design Jobs

If you have interest in designing, creativity and have some good knowledge of designing software then graphic designing/web development is a must apply job. Companies recruit freelancers to develop projects for them such as E-learning presentations, broaches and other marketing material, greeting cards and a lot of stuff. Companies pay high wage per hour or per project for designing jobs.

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Data Entry and Virtual Assistant Jobs

The administrative tasks which require no special skill are being outsourced to freelancers by most companies. Data Entry Jobs and Virtual Assistant Jobs are easy to get job in the market. You are required to convert the data in hard form to the soft form or from one program to the other program. For example a company might give you contact details of its customers to you and ask you to enter in in their database. Individuals hire virtual assistants to read mails and write responses to these, and to schedule meetings for them with different clients and to bridge the communication gap.


For this job usually experienced candidates are preferred but un-experienced people can also apply. The companies recruits to transcript audio files for them. You will get work through mail or you may have to download files from the company site.


At last you can also run your own blog. If are really interest in a subject or a field and you can get or generate material on it then make your own blog. You will earn through your page popularity that is you will earn by number of page visits and by getting ads from companies to be posted on your site.   

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