Undergraduate Scholarships in Heilongjiang Province of China

Last Updated on March 25, 2015

Introduction To Scholarship:

The Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students is an initiative by the government of Heilongjiang Province as per their agenda of assistance for the medium and long term educational reform and development in the Heilongjiang Province for the period of 2012 to 2020. The aim of this scholarship is to enhance the scope of education, develop and improve the region, and also to increase service opportunities for international students. This will also serve the purpose of attracting more international students to come and study in the Heilongjiang Province.

Introduction To Scholarship Providing Body:

These scholarships are provided by the government of the Heilongjiang Province in an attempt to promote education as well as its own cultural area.


Dependable on the degree course candidate selects.

Purpose Of Study:

  • Study
  • Research
  • Work
  • Internship

Level of Study:

  • Bachelors or Undergraduate
  • Masters Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Number of Scholarships:

Not defined.

Fields of Study:

Not restricted.

Host Country:

Heilongjiang Province, China.

Host Institutions:

Various local institutes in the Heilongjiang Province of China.

Eligible Countries:

It is an open opportunity for students all around the globe.


  • The student who is applying for a undergraduate or bachelors degree must be under the age of 25 and should submit a diploma that is equivalent to Chinese high school graduate. The applicant should also meet the criteria outlined by the host institution.
  • The student who is applying for Masters Degree program must be under the age of 35 and should submit his undergraduate or bachelor’s degree along with two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.
  • The student who are applying for doctoral degree program must be below the age of 40 and should submit their masters degree along with two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.
  • The applicant should be good mental and physical health
  • The applicant should be a non Chinese and should hold a foreign citizenship for more than four years.
  • The applicant should abide by all the rules and regulations outlined by the Chinese authorities
  • The applicant should adhere by the discipline criteria laid out by the host institution
  • The applicant should not be currently enrolled in a Chinese institute although students who have been studying in china and have completed their graduation more than a year ago will be considered for this scholarship.
  • The host institution will judge the applicants Chinese speaking and writing capability according to their pre set standards.
  • The applicant should not be availing any other scholarship at the time of applying for the Heilongjiang Government Scholarship

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How to Apply For Scholarship:

Classification of students:

Class A: Doctoral Degree Student’s Scholarship

Class B: Master’s Degree Student’s Scholarship

Class C: Bachelor’s Degree Student’s Scholarship

  • The applicants of all the three classes should submit a hand written application
  • The applicants should submit supporting documents and must ensure all the documents and data is accurate and true
  • The application form should either be in English or Chinese
  • The applicant should submit records and proofs of their highest qualification. If the documents are not in English or Chinese than they should be translated to any one of the languages.
  • The applicants should submit all their academic records and transcripts in either English or Chinese
  • The applicant should also submit any record required by the host institution
  • The applicant should submit a research plan in either English or Chinese.
  • The applicant should submit two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors to apply for doctoral degree program. The recommendation letters should either be in English or Chinese.
  • The students who are applying for a bachelors degree should submit academic records of their home country
  • The applicants are also required to submit original and photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form printed by Chinese quarantine authority. It is to be noted that all medical examination are valid for up to 6 months only.
  • Any incomplete record will be considered invalid.
  • The applicant is required to submit a photocopy of his passport
  • The applicant should also submit any other document demanded by his host institution

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