What are the Privileges of Having Control on Your Android Phone?

Last Updated on March 31, 2015 by Malik Waqas

Android is the most used device these days as this help individual to have a lot of benefits. While when one has control on their operating system then it is the most desire feature which your users want to have. Thus enabling them with control will bring you many benefits as it will help you to get many users at one time. However when you have control on your android phones then you are blessed with certain privileges and these privileges are:

  • The one if the best privileges which you have is that when you have control on your android device then you don’t have to face any cluttered app drawers or reduce memory space issue. Here you can easily cut the bloat -ware and can keep the application which you want. Another facility which you have got with android application is that if you don’t want to have any application which is pre installed in your phone then you can get rid of them through rooting because it is one which can help you. However you also have to take care of this that you don’t uninstall something which can make your handset work slow.
  • There are many ROM who offer unique features and amendments in the default android experience. Here you can have vast battery life and over clocked processer speeds which mean that you will going to have a more pleasant experience while using your android applications.

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  • Back up is very important for your phones because sometime due to certain changes you lost all your data and then it is your phone which help to restore it through back up files. While most rooter used the Titanium Backup because it help backup your user data and it also provide protection to your handset against the fault updates. However it is the most helpful backup system because it tends to provide your back up of your all sms messages till the browser bookmarkers your all files are saved here. While you are also facilitates with the clock-work-mod recovery here as this help to create complete back up of your entire handset.
  • When you have control on your operating system then you don’t have to worry upon updating your android versions because your rooting is the one which is going to help you here. This means that rooting help you to update your android apps more quickly. However here you have to compromise on one point which is that you are not receiving any official manufacturer version of android applications.
  • This also allow you to have administrative privileges as you can have quick access to all the files, folders on your hand set, and you can move around your stuff by using internal memory.
  • The last privilege of having control on your androids phones is that you can made it look pretty. You can use different themes which will going to change the outlook of your phones and it will going to impress others more easily.

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