Writing a Professional Resignation Letter


Writing a resignation letter may not be as tough as you all think, there are certain requirements of a professional resignation letter: the tone, theme, style and professionalism all these factors count a lot when you are leaving any organization. Employees often take it very informally when it comes to write a resignation letter.

As described the tone of the letter must be very positive no such statements should be involved that can be offending for the company’s employees or company itself. Your positive attitude will leave a professional mark of all the work you have done for the company and everything you contributed till the last day of your work. All these aspects are very important for your image while you are leaving a particular organization.

A resignation letter also includes factors like why are you leaving the company, your experience here and also very importantly how valuable you think it was for you to be a part of the company.

There are many examples of a perfect resignation available online. One of the most popular and professional one is Steve Job’ resignation as The CEO of Apple Inc. Do check it online for a pattern.

Below are some guidelines that can help you form a professional resignation….. Usually companies see a resignation letter as a very important document as it also reflects your professional personality as it shows your dedication and commitment to the company.

Resignation letter must not be very lengthy:

There is no need to put too much detail about your experience in the letter keep it brief, to the point and precise. As it holds a great important as a corporate document. You can check different resignations online to make your letter look professional.

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Never portray negativity through your letter:

Always show positivity through your letter instead show gratitude and how honored you felt to have a great experience and do offer your services for later needs.

Positive resignation also gives a good impression to your new company or during your new interview. As companies often ask for your past resignation letter to see how committed and contributing you were at your last job.

Do leave good remarks about your colleagues and employees:

Leaving positive remarks about your colleagues and subordinates helps you not  break the ties between you and them this can be done through a call, via email or a simple card what ever way suits you best.

Never leave without saying proper goodbyes:

Connections are an integral to make a place in the business world, they help you when in need. Saying positive things to your friends will be essential for your future, who might know that you have to come back to the company so leave with a clean slate and positive attitude.

You can make a great impact through your resignation letter on the company by considering it as an opportunity to put up your professionalism and practicality.


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